The worst airlines in the world

The world's best airlines have been announced. What about the worst? Here are the worst airlines in the world

Anyone who decides to travel by air wants to travel as safely and comfortably as possible and be offered the best possible service. / The worst airlines in the world

However, according to a flight rating portal, these requirements leave a lot to be desired for the following airlines.

Every year, the flight rating portal Skytrax analyzes hundreds of small and large airlines worldwide based on various criteria. Among other things, service, comfort, cleanliness, on-board catering and the costs for additional baggage are examined. Depending on how the airlines perform on these points, Skytrax awards between one and five stars.

The good news: Like last year, there is no airline with just one star in this year’s Skytrax World Airline Star Rating. That was not always so. For years, the North Korean airline Air Koryo was the only airline to receive only one star. This made it the undisputed worst airline in the world.

A total of nine airlines worldwide received the two-star rating, which is also not exactly a creditable one. These include airlines from Asia, Africa, South and North America, but also one from Europe. However, the latter has already filed for bankruptcy.

The worst airlines in the world at a glance

Airblue, Pakistan

The second largest airline in Pakistan achieved only two stars in many of the criteria examined. In the selection of food and drinks subject to payment, Skytrax even awarded only one. The cleanliness on board is poor, writes Skytrax – especially in the toilets. “The staff is quite efficient but lacks any kind of friendliness. Service at Karachi Airport is also an area where standards need to be improved.”

Boliviana de Aviacion, Bolivia

The national Bolivian airline operates a large network of routes within Bolivia. But it also serves international routes and flies to the Spanish capital Madrid, for example. However, those who fly with Boliviana de Avación have to put up with a lot, because the Skytrax verdict is devastating: “The business class on long-haul routes is bad, has uncomfortable seats and offers no modern amenities. There is no personal in-flight entertainment and the Boliviana app for streaming is useless.” Although the cabin crew is friendly, this alone cannot make up for the airline’s other weaknesses. Airport standards in Santa Cruz are also poor and the business lounge is “unacceptable”.

LAM Mozambique Airlines, Mozambique

The Worst Airlines - Mozambique
The Worst Airlines – Mozambique

LAM, formerly known as Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique, is the national airline of the African state of Mozambique. It mainly serves domestic routes and some international regional flights. According to Skytrax, the standard of the airline has become progressively worse in recent years. “Cabin crew lacks quality of service and friendliness, and airport service at the Maputo hub is a key area for change and improvement,” the flight review portal said. After all, the seats in economy and business class are “satisfactory” and the catering on board is “appropriate”.

Nouvelair, Tunisia

The Tunisian airline Nouvelair also flies to some destinations in Germany, including Hanover, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Düsseldorf. However, the passengers should not expect a special flight experience, as Skytrax’s judgment on Nouvelair suggests. For example, the cleanliness in the cabins leaves a lot to be desired, and not all food and drinks for sale on board are actually available. “Staff service is rather poor in terms of customer care and communication,” says Skytrax.

Onur Air, Turkey

According to the “World Airline News” portal, the airline Onur Air, which also flies to many destinations in Germany, filed for bankruptcy in April 2022, but the former Turkish airline can still be found on Syktrax in the list of active airlines. The rating is comparatively poor. “Onboard seating comfort is average, but cabin cleanliness and condition is an issue,” writes Skytrax. It goes on to say: “The service provided by the staff at the airport and on board is poor and lacks any kind of friendliness and attention.”

PIA Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is headquartered in Karachi and is the largest airline in Pakistan. Skytrax’s overall assessment is consistently poor: “PIA suffers from an outdated product standard in all cabins and there is no sign of improvement. Business class on long-haul routes is referred to as executive economy and hardly corresponds to the standard of premium economy. Service from staff is perfunctory at best, and while Pakistani service can be friendly and courteous, this is not the case on board PIA flights.” Poor airport infrastructure also limits ground service standards.

Tunisair, Tunisia

With Tunisair, another Tunisian airline is among the worst airlines in the world. According to Skytrax, there are deficiencies in the cleanliness of the aircraft, among other things. The service at the airport and in the business class lounge did not get good reviews either. Overall, Tunisair performs poorly, receiving only two stars in almost all categories.

Viva Aerobus, Mexico

The Mexican low-cost airline based in Monterrey is also not doing well with Skytrax. Viva Aerobus does have a modern fleet of aircraft and standard seats. However, the service is criticized, especially at the airports, which sometimes borders on “rudeness”. “The service provided by the cabin crew is functional at best and lacks service quality in many areas.”

Viva Air, Colombia

The Colombian low-cost airline Viva Air is still quite young and has only been flying for around ten years. Nevertheless, it is already one of the worst airlines in the world and has also only received two stars. While the product standards are appropriate for a low-cost airline, “cleanliness in the cabin is one area that could be improved,” according to the Skytrax review. And further: “The service of the cabin crew is functional, but there is a lack of service interest and quality. As with most low-cost airlines, there are strict check-in and baggage rules that customers need to follow.” To achieve a 3-star rating, airport services need to be improved most of all.

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