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United States and Russia signs historic arms-reduction treaty

President of the United States, Barack Obama and Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev finally sign historic treaty which will cut both countries nuclear weapons by a third.

Image by: Associated Press / Mikhail Metzel
Image by: Associated Press / Mikhail Metzel

The arms-reduction treaty signed this afternoon will begin a new chapter for both countries who’s relations were sour during and after the cold war era.

The agreement which was signed at a ceremony in Prague and is hailed as a big move from both countries who make up for 95% of the worlds nuclear weapons.

American diplomats are saying the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty shows how committed the United States are in reducing the spread of nuclear power. The move is also seen as a deterrent for other countries to take example and reduce nuclear weapons.

However some politicians and diplomats are saying that the main reason behind the move to sign such a treaty was to gain support from other countries to agree on sanctions against Iran due to their nuclear development program which has caused controversy between the two nations.

There were fears earlier when Obama arrived at the Czech capital that the treaty might have failed because of difficulties in negotiations. However both presidents looked very willing to sign the papers that also increase

The ceremony at Prague Castle, the site of a speech by Mr Obama a year ago about his desire for a world without nuclear bombs, also reflects the resetting of relations between Washington and Moscow and places Russia at the heart of future attempts to encourage other states to ditch nuclear warheads.

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