Vietnam-China Disputed area: Vietnamese boat sinks after collision with Chinese boat / Breaking News


In the South China Sea, a new incident occurred. After a collision with a Chinese ship a Vietnamese fishing boat has sunk. An important politician in Hanoi accuses Beijing terrorism.

Another incident straining relations between China and Vietnam, which is stretched by territorial disputes in the South China Sea anyway. A Chinese and a Vietnamese fishing boat collided near the claimed by both countries Paracel islands off the central Vietnamese coast. A senior politician accused China on Tuesday terrorism before.

The incident itself took place on Monday . After Vietnamese representation the Chinese ship rammed the Vietnamese fishing boat. It is set, the ten -man crew were saved . The Chinese would be removed after the collision from the scene .
The Chinese state news agency Xinhua put it , however, so is that the boat did Chinese ships harassed and is in the process collided with them.

” A fishing boat to ram and sink , is an act of terrorism ,” quoted the online edition of the newspaper ” VNExpress ” Huynh Ngoc Son , the Vice- President of the National Assembly of Vietnam . Vietnam will use diplomatic channels for protest .

The Paracel Islands are in the headlines since the beginning of May China there installed an oil platform at a Vietnamese protest. In mid-May it was in Vietnam anti-Chinese riots with several deaths . China brought thousands compatriots in safety.

China and Vietnam have been arguing for decades to islands in the South China Sea , so it is always there to incidents. China claims almost the entire sea area for itself , its fundamental large resource deposits are suspected.

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