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What the hell is a Hilal Cebeci ? / on Hilal Cebeci Twitter Shakeup

Hilal Cebeci Twitter pic a go go
Hilal Cebeci Twitter pic a go go

If you are a twitter user, confused what Hilal Cebeci Twitter could mean, here is the help and answer.

Hilal Cebeci, a minor Turkish pop singer uploaded a picture of herself wearing only her underwear to her Hilal Cebeci Twitter account 3 days ago, stirred a social media buzz and her name soared rocket high to number three in worldwide Twitter trending.

Hilal Cebeci Twitter pic a go go

The phrase “Hilal Cebeci’nin,” which means “Hilal Cebeci’s,” as in “have you seen Hilal Cebeci’s picture?” started trending in twitter and raised to number one in Turkey’s twitter trending this week, outnumbering the Turkey match fixing scandal and Parliamentary elections and wows.

Hilal Cebeci is a ”hot” topic worlwide on twitter

“Hilal Cebeci’nin” started to trend worldwide the same day, stirring confusion among non-Turkish twitter users who questioned the word pair’s meaning, which only helped it to trend even higher and placed it number three worldwide.

Discussions followed Cebeci’s uploading of the picture, some calling it a brave move to overcome taboos and should not concern anyone as it was her personal choice, while others, mostly women according to Hilal Cebeci, accused her of using her body as an object to increase popularity, calling her an immoral person. Twitter hero Hilal Cebeci dismissed those who criticized her, tweeting, “I am a decent person, I just live the way I desire,” and “life is too short to stay upset, just take it easy girls.” Cebeci added she would not give in to pressure and will continue to upload her semi-naked pictures.

Cebeci has a strong fan base she calls “panpiş,” a feminized version of the Turkish slang “panpa” (bro) that seem to have unwavering support for Cebeci’s words and actions.

Cebeci was known to frequently upload pictures she took, showing her doing everyday rutines but it was the first time she uploaded a picture with her in her underwear, indicating she is gonna sleep soon. The number of her follower on Twitter her increased from 26,000 to 70000 in three days following the uploaded picture.

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