2 suspected cannibals arrested in Pakistan

Arif, a suspected cannibal.
Arif, a suspected cannibal.

Two brothers have been arrested in Pakistan for their alleged involvement in cannibalism.

Islamabad, April 15/Nationalturk –  Two brothers Arif and Farman have been arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab province for their alleged involvement in cannibalism.

Officials said police had raided the residence of Arif and Farman in Kahawar Kalan village, near Darya Khan town in Bhakkar district of Punjab province yesterday after neighbours complained of an overpowering stench.

“The policemen during the raid found heads of the two babies. Arif, who was present in the house during questioning,  admitted having eaten the child alongwith his brother Farman, who had stolen the body from a graveyard,” they said admitting that the two brothers had been eating human flesh since their release from jail in May 2013.

Officials said Farman managed to give slip to policemen during the raid. “The police men conducted raids throughout the night and managed to arrest him early this  morning”.

Court sends duo to 7-day police remand

“They were produced in an anti-terrorism court (ATC) today, which subsequently sent them on a seven-day physical remand” officials said.

The shocking discovery sent a wave of panic through the village, forcing many people to check the graves of their relatives.

Both the brothers were found guilty of same crime in March 2011 and jailed for nearly two years. They were released in May last year after serving a two-year sentence.

According to police, body of a 24-year-old woman, who had died of cancer, was found at their residence during police raid in March 2011. A leg of the body was missing since they had eaten it.

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