Gisele Bündchen is stopped by the police – and cries

Gisele Bündchen is stopped by the police in Florida. During the conversation with an officer, the supermodel's emotions run high.

A scene that probably shows how stressful life in public is: Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen was stopped by the police last Wednesday in Surfside, Florida, apparently for erratic driving.

In a conversation with the officer, the model explains her situation and appears emotional: she is being followed by paparazzi.

The police officer on site’s body camera films the conversation. Both the body camera clip and a video from the paparazzi who observed the incident across the street will later be shared across US media and social networks.

The officer who stopped Bündchen let her go without issuing her a ticket. “I was just trying to stay away from this guy,” the supermodel tries to explain. She is apparently referring to a paparazzo who is following her. “He stalks me,” said the 43-year-old model.

Bündchen exhausted: “I’m so tired”

The police officer lets her know that he recognized her. However, there is nothing he can do to help her. She should file a report with the Miami Beach police. He apologized for not being able to do more, causing Bündchen to become emotional and start crying.

“I’m so tired,” Bündchen says through tears. “Everywhere I go these damn guys are after me. Nothing protects me. I can’t do anything. I just want to live my life.” The officer replies, “I can’t stop them from doing their job, which is taking photos.” “I don’t know how this is allowed,” she says before signing off.

“How did TMZ get the footage?”

Numerous users on social media commented on the police officer’s bodycam video. Many were upset that the star’s privacy was ignored. “How did TMZ get the recordings?” asked one person, adding: “You are part of the problem.”

Others were less sympathetic: “That’s the price you pay to be famous. If you want, we can swap,” wrote another person.

Bündchen moved to Miami in 2020 with her then-husband, now-retired NFL superstar Tom Brady, and their two children. In 2022, the couple divorced. The model has been in a relationship with her jiu-jitsu trainer Joaquim Valente since June 2023.


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