35 euros! The most expensive “Döner” in Germany

If you want to get a simple doner kebab quickly, a big city like Munich is the place for you.

There you will find numerous good kebab shops. But Cihan Anadologlu puts the crown on fast food in Munich. In his kebab shop “Hans Kebab” at Schwabinger Tor you can get the most expensive kebab in Germany – for a whopping 35 euros! But what can you hope for from the high-priced kebab “From Istanbul to Tokyo”?

The most expensive doner kebab in Germany is a contrast to the classic doner kebab with high-quality Japanese “Kagoshima Wagyu Short Rib”. The noble variant brings the store a real sales boom. Owner Anadologlu reports that customers come from all over to taste the highlight. A highlight that, strictly speaking, is not a kebab at all. “Döner kebab” is of Turkish origin and means “spinning” (döner) and “roasted meat” (kebab) – however, the meat for the kebab luxury variant does not come from the spit. But the “cheat marketing” around the “most expensive doner kebab in Germany” pays off.

In addition to the “35-euro luxury kebab”, “Hans Kebab” also offers other kebab dishes. These are freshly prepared daily by the “Döner Creator” – as the employees are called here. The general rule at “Hans Kebab” is that quality is a top priority. Homemade sauces and spices instead of artificial aromas and flavor enhancers refine the meat dish in Turkish cuisine.

If you want to test Germany’s most expensive doner kebab for yourself, it’s best to pre-order the special kebab, because the fine Japanese meat is only enough for around 15 portions of the 35-euro doner kebab per day.

Given Anadologlu’s experience, it’s no wonder that the 35-euro luxury doner kebab goes down well with customers. The kebab expert has already published several books on the subject and, among other things, has mixed drinks at Oscars. With his kebab snack bar, he has created a special bistro with a varied menu for all kebab lovers since March 2021. After writing the world’s first kebab book, Anadologlu thought that somehow it must be possible to take the kebab to a new level and founded “Hans Kebab”.

Interview with Cihan Anadologlu

What is the luxury kebab made of?

Cihan Anadologlu: “Of course it doesn’t consist of the normal ingredients that a doner kebab usually contains. It is a baked, crunchy doner kebab bread with sesame seeds. There is a very light parsnip cream spread like jam and a seaweed truffle vinaigrette cooked in green tea. Then lollo bianco, lollo rosso and radicchio salad, i.e. a salad mix, and a cress, chives and cube pepper sauce. And of course the Kagoshima Wagyu meat in the A5 category. We always ask our guests how they would like to eat it. We always recommend Medium Rare. There are some who eat the kebab medium. But medium well is also popular. If someone wants the meat Well Done, we don’t really like doing it – you’re kind of killing the meat twice. Finally, there is the togarashi spice and some watercress on top.”

Who are the customers?

“Customers now come from everywhere. Not only from Germany, but also from Austria, Switzerland etc. Many have heard about it. There were even a few customers from Düsseldorf or Berlin who really only came for the kebab. I am happy. Everyone who was there then tells their friends again. Influencers, TikTokers, and YouTubers are also coming, and of course word gets around. We really have people from 15 to 70 years old who come to try the kebab – very different walks of life and nationalities. Really exciting!“

We asked for the 35-euro luxury doner kebab?

“The doner kebab has almost always sold out since day one. We have about 12 to 15 servings every day. 35 euros for the “From Istanbul to Tokyo” doner kebab sounds a lot at first, but if you were to order the meat in a restaurant, i.e. Kagoshima with the A5 marbling, you would pay well over one hundred euros for 100 grams . That’s why the doner kebab is a fair offer in terms of value for money.”

Are there other dishes at “Hans Kebab”?

“We are actually a normal kebab shop. Maybe not quite as “normal” as you would imagine an ordinary kebab shop to be. I think we’re one of the first to do something like Döner 2.0. That means, of course, we do everything that is traditional, but with very high-quality ingredients. We sell many other dishes, including the “normal doner kebab” with quality ingredients. This means that garlic sauce is usually used in the doner kebab. Many make this with yogurt and garlic powder. We make our garlic sauce with fermented black garlic from Spain. You can taste that too.”

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