Vladimir Putin: Germany is occupied by US troops

Vladimir Putin has claimed in front of Russian students that Germany is occupied by US troops. He also ranted about the lack of sovereignty in Europe.

In a conversation with students at Moscow University, Russian President Vladimir Putin postulated that Germany is still occupied by the United States.

“Formally and legally, there are American occupation troops on the territory of the Federal Republic. That’s a fact, and there are a lot there,” Putin spread his conspiracy theory at the meeting, which was also broadcast on Russian television. The Soviet Union occupied Germany after the Second World War, but officially gave up this occupation.

In fact, the GDR later emerged from the Soviet zone, the government of which was controlled by Moscow. Thousands of Soviet troops also remained in what was then East Germany. The earlier Allied rights of reservation were lifted as part of German reunification. German sovereignty was enshrined in international law in 1991 in the Two Plus Four Treaty.

Fake news about alleged occupation

Putin went on to say that the alleged occupation was also being discussed among German politicians. At the moment, however, there is no discussion of this kind among the democratic parties in the Bundestag. “Sovereignty will return to Europe. Apparently that will take a little more time,” Putin said untruthfully.

Again and again, Russian officials and TV presenters try to influence the population with false representations of historical context. False claims about alleged denazification were also used by Moscow as a reason for the Ukraine war.

The US soldiers stationed in Germany are in the country with the express permission of the federal government. Some are stationed under the NATO agreement. The United States is also considered a protecting power. That is why there are also American nuclear missiles on German soil.


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