Allegations against Rammstein: Paus calls for more protection for women at concerts

Protected areas for women and the use of awareness teams: Federal Family Minister Paus calls for changes in concert operations in connection with the allegations against the rock band Rammstein. She calls for an "alliance against sexism".

Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus called for changes in concert operations after the allegations against the singer of the rock band Rammstein, Till Lindemann, became known. “Young people in particular need to be better protected from attacks here,” Paus told the AFP news agency in Berlin.

Paus: Abolish the “Row Zero” system

The Greens politician suggested protective areas for women at concerts and the use of so-called awareness teams, which are available as contact persons if sexual assault is suspected. Paus also called for the abolition of the so-called “Row Zero” system.

This is the practice of selecting certain young women at concerts to be at the front of the stage. Critics point out that the women could be recruited from there for sexual acts.

“Alliance against Sexism”

Paus demanded that protective measures now have to be discussed “quickly and specifically”. “A serious debate about the responsibility of artists and promoters to their fans makes sense,” she told AFP. The minister invited the music industry to join the “Alliance against Sexism”. “The alliance opposes all forms of sexism and sexual harassment,” she said.

Munich: City Council request for more security

Before the Rammstein band concerts in Munich, three city council factions submitted an application that is intended to increase security for concert visitors. The application provides, among other things, to create more safe seats at concerts. It should also be checked whether the so-called “Row Zero” – can be banned in the future for security reasons. The motion is supported by the Green/Pink List, The Left/The Party and ÖDP/Munich List parliamentary groups.

According to the Greens faction, the city leadership decides when the application will be voted on. The next full meeting of the City Council is on June 28th. Rammstein is already performing in Munich this Wednesday and Thursday as well as this Saturday and Sunday.

Allegations: requests for sex, knockout drops, abuse of power

The NDR and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had previously reported serious allegations by women against the Rammstein singer Lindemann. It was about requests for sex, the use of knockout drops and abuse of power on the sidelines of concerts.

The band explained the allegations: “The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans,” Rammstein wrote on Instagram last Saturday. “The allegations hit us all very hard and we take them extremely seriously.”

It is important to the band that the fans can feel safe – “in front of and behind the stage”. “We condemn any kind of transgression and ask you: do not engage in public prejudice of any kind against those who have made allegations. They have a right to their point of view.” At the same time, the group emphasized: “We, the band, also have a right – namely not to be prejudiced either.”

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