Incident at the Rammstein Concert in Berlin!

Incident at Rammstein concert! Two people taken away after suspicious acts

Alarm at the Rammstein concert: Two people tampered with the loudspeakers and were taken away. What’s behind it?

During the second Rammstein concert in Berlin, an incident occurred on Sunday evening in the Olympic Stadium. Two people were taken away by the police. A third woman was able to escape undetected. According to a police spokeswoman on Monday, they had tampered with cable ducts that led to loudspeaker boxes near the stage during the concert. Security personnel observed this.

It was still unclear on Monday which goal the 36-year-old and the 24-year-old were pursuing. The two were banned from entering the Olympic Stadium, and investigations into attempted damage to property were also launched, it was said. After being checked, they were released.

In the stadium itself, security for the concerts had been increased in many areas, according to information from those close to the band. More staff in reflective safety vests, but also in inconspicuous civilian clothes should prevent feared attacks. The complicated technology is also additionally protected, the towers for loudspeakers and pyrotechnics placed in several places are also strictly guarded.

Rammstein in Berlin: Two people were taken out of the Olympic Stadium

Rammstein did not provide any further information about the incident on Monday when asked. In the stadium it could be observed how the police who had been called to the stadium first obtained information from the security service. Two people were then led away through the grandstand area.

Because of the allegations against singer Till Lindemann, there had already been protests on Saturday before the first of a total of three Berlin concerts. In front of the Olympic Stadium, activists called for the concerts to be banned. On Sunday, a banner “No stage for perpetrators” could be seen on the tour of the stadium construction.

Several women have made allegations against Lindemann, some of them anonymously. They describe situations that they find frightening. Sexual acts are said to have occurred at after-show parties.

Till Lindemann with a provocative text change

Lindemann rejects allegations against him. His lawyers refer to claims on social networks that women were “anesthetized with knockout drops or alcohol at concerts to enable our client to perform sexual acts on them. These allegations are untrue without exception.” Lindemann, on the other hand, alluded to the scandal at the Berlin concert on Sunday evening with a text change.

The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has initiated preliminary proceedings against Lindemann. If a crime is suspected, they must investigate. Media reports can also be the trigger for this. The presumption of innocence applies until the investigation is completed.

Frontman Lindemann (60), guitarists Richard Kruspe (56) and Paul Landers (58), bassist Oliver Riedel (52), keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz (56) and drummer Christoph Schneider (57) live in Berlin. The six musicians came together here in 1994 and have since developed into the most internationally successful German band with their hard sound.

Till Lindemann takes action against anti-Rammstein petition


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