Attack on residential area in Lviv!

At least four people were killed in the western Ukrainian city in the most severe Russian attack to date on civilian targets in Lviv.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy announced “a tangible” response.

According to the Interior Ministry, at least four people were killed and nine injured in a rocket attack on a residential area in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. A search and rescue operation is underway. According to the information, more than 60 people were evacuated from the destroyed houses and rescued from the rubble.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that there would be “definitely an answer to the enemy”. “A noticeable one,” he wrote on Telegram. Videos show badly damaged and partially destroyed residential buildings on an entire street. Zelenskyj wrote: “Consequences of the night attack by Russian terrorists.”

Worst-ever attack on civilian infrastructure in Lviv

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi spoke of the worst attack on Lviv’s civilian infrastructure since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began more than 16 months ago. More than 50 houses were destroyed. Up until June, things had remained relatively quiet in the city for a long time. But then she became the target of air raids again.

Many refugees from the embattled areas in eastern Ukraine are also staying in Lviv, formerly Lemberg. According to Sadowyj’s June data, the city has taken in around 150,000 people since the start of the Russian invasion. The city with originally 720,000 inhabitants is located around 70 kilometers east of the border with Poland.

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