Bayern Munich 0 Real Madrid 4:Guardiola’s debacle against Madrid end of Tiki-taka football style / Champions League News


This debacle overshadowed the glorious season of Bayern: The Champions League from Real Madrid was the highest European home defeat for the Munich for 48 years. Players add humbly and look to the future.

The contrast could not be greater after the 0-4 debacle of Bayern against Real Madrid. The winner came in black suits, white shirts, dark ties and shiny shoes from the cabin. The way through the interview zone to the bus that they drove after midnight far to Munich Airport, was a catwalk. Hundreds of fans screaming behind barriers, as Cristiano Ronaldo, including assistant, who gave him the embroidered with gold sequins backpack, Gareth Bale and the others boarded. The players had them just delivered a great show.

On the other hand, the Bayern players: They ran out into the darkness, in their red jogging suits, and worked there as a sparring partner, who inserted a beating. One scene was particularly impressive: Bavaria left central defender Dante, who played weak, shuffled past the questioners. He shook his head, smiled sourly as he was asked to give answers, and rolled his suitcase toward the exit.

There hurried Madrid defender Pepe on Dante, both native Brazilians. Pepe, who had played extremely strong again, as in the first leg, embraced Dante, patted him on the shoulder, she whispered a few things in his ear. It was a scene between friends, the one donated the other consolation.

Bayern Munich 0 Real Madrid 4:”We got in the face Accept. Then continue”

Bayern Munich's Dante and Arjen Robben react after being defeated by Real Madrid after their Champions League semi-final second leg soccer match in Munich
Bayern Munich’s Dante and Arjen Robben react after being defeated by Real Madrid after their Champions League semi-final second leg soccer match in Munich

A few meters further said Real’s 100-million-euro striker Bale with a broad Welsh accent into the microphone: “The win gives us great satisfaction.” Not far away expressed Bayern players Arjen Robben: “. 4:0 Now we have got to accept the face, cry, go home, and then continue it.”

Real Madrid gave the until a few weeks so dominant Champions League defending the heaviest home defeat in the European Cup in 48 years. And the guests left no doubt which team in this semi-final, the better, because more clever and tactically wiser was.

The Spaniards could not be carried away to blows as Franck Ribery, whose slap against Daniel Carvajal overlooked the referee. “This is certainly something unnecessary and that does not make one., But now we do not want to put down Carvajal as the super boys. Since much poison was in it, and we were on a high annoyance level at the time,” said Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer, while Ribery in his German-French singsong only said: “He has also done what I did.”

Bayern Munich 0 Real Madrid 4:”If not us three weeks to lock in the cellar”


Bayern have certainly lost to a much more mature opponents , which they could not hold a candle . It was not only their worst home experience since 2012 Lost ” finale dahoam ” against Chelsea , but also their darkest evening of the season , and he will overshadow them. Because such a clear defeat was certain after 20 minutes and the 0-2 , raises questions about the why . But players such as coaches endured the disaster in large part with dignity. Emotional outburst as that of Ribéry remained the exception .

Also, the disillusioned audience that had tuned with a wonderful choreography on the evening and kept their loudly at the beginning of the game seemed to eventually accept the superiority of Madrid. ” . . Perhaps it would have been even more frustrating when you 2-1 win here so it was clear more was not possible Madrid was better,” said Robben , and his offensive colleague Thomas Müller predicted : “We will now not three weeks lock the cellar , it was after the Champions League semi-final . ”

Only those who have 70 minutes time to deal with their own failure , can probably be clarified shortly after the game. It fit for this evening , that very late also president Uli Hoeness with lips pressed together through the catacombs of the stadium ran towards the exit. He had intended to be able to watch the final in Lisbon before his admission to prison . Now also the ousted former Bayern president adopted grimly into the night.

Bayern Munich 0 Real Madrid 4:Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer said ” Even the HSV Hamburg beats this Bayern “


For Bayern, it is therefore a matter how deep they fall after this crash. “The chances for Dortmund are very good, because the disappointment is simply huge, the air is out at Bayern,” said Franz Beckenbauer at Sky. The Honorary President laid overlooking the meaningless for Bayern Bundesliga match on Saturday when strong relegation-threatened Hamburg SVnach: “This is the best chance for HSV. If the HSV does not use this chance to win against a so ailing team like Bayern, then they belong to the second division. ”

Beckenbauer assessed the situation differently. “The fact that the Bayerns  are next to him, we know for weeks. The hope was that they get their act together and the curve. This did not succeed, “the 68-year-old recognized at Sky. “They took a break after the championship and in which they still are. You are in a phase where they are not able to do more. ”

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