Beatrice Egli reveals her relationship status

For years, Beatrice Egli has not officially seen a partner. A little kiss on the cheek by Andreas Gabalier caused speculation. Now the DSDS winner speaks up.

Since winning “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2013, she has been one of the most popular singers in the hit world. And because Beatrice Egli is so popular, it has been speculated for years whether the musician has a partner and whether he might not even be a celebrity. But the 33-year-old does not reveal anything about her love life, not least she is annoyed by the constant rumors of pregnancy, as she revealed in an interview with t-online.

When recording her first TV show “The Beatrice Egli Show”, she stormed onto the stage with folk rock’n’roller Andreas Gabalier and gave him a big smack on the cheek. And again the question came up: is there something going on? After all, Gabalier has also been solo since separating from moderator Silvia Schneider in 2019.

The last known Swiss relationship is that of ex-boyfriend Reto. The singer and the craftsman were together for five years, but separated in 2014, shortly after their victory at DSDS.


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