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body shock-Chinese Kang Kang the “mask face” baby to be operated on

Body shcok : The family of a baby dubbed the “mask face” has finally accumulated the money which will give their baby a normal life by campaigns.

Video Kang Kang of the “Mask Face” Baby.

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Kang Kang, the 15-month-old baby from China’s Hunan province was born with a very rear disorder as he was born with a mask, literally.

Kang Kang, The baby born with a rear disorder looks as though he has a mask on his face

Doctors in China are not sure what caused Kang Kang to be born with such disfigurement but say that it could have occurred due to a disease or maybe even a medication that the mother took during or before pregnancy.

Professor Wang Duquan who is set to operate on the 15-month-old baby has said that the “deformity is so rare that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.”

Wang continued “It’s different from a cleft lip or cleft palate; it’s a facial cleft. Not only his face muscles are cleft, but the inside bones are cleft.”

Kang Kang was born with a congenital deformity, a condition called transverse facial cleft, also known as “face horizontal cleft”.

The mother of Kang Kang, Yi Xilian said that her pregnancy was normal and according to all the test and ultrasounds made during her pregnancy, did not show any sign of problems with her baby.

Kang Kang was born in March 2009 at a hospital in Changsha, Hunan province but doctors new there was a problem only after the baby was born.

Kang Kang at hospital with mother and father.

An emotional Yi said, “My family didn’t allow me to see my son at the beginning, and I pleaded with my husband to let me have a look.

“ Before they passed me the baby, they told me ‘don’t be sad, don’t be sad’, but when I saw my son, I collapsed.”

Doctors who have seen Kang Kang have said that the baby is a completely normal child other then is facial deformity where it looks as though he is wearing a mask.

Yi told media that she “took Kang Kang to a bigger hospital in Changsha 20 days after his birth” where doctors told her that it would cost between $80,000 and $100,000.

The doctors at the People’s Liberation Army Military Hospital where Kang Kang will be operated on hope to operate on the young baby to equate the two divisions of his face and muscles.

Doctors then plan to reconstruct the facial bones of the baby but officials have warned the family that the results of the operation will be unpredictable.

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  1. Tim you are horrible. I would leave him how he is. There is no guarantee that they can fix it or whether they will make things worse. He is adorable how god made him. If he was my child I wouldn’t risk the surgery.

  2. that baby really needs the help he needs! , “normal”? that kids life will be so fucked up!,. if he hasn’t any treatment. no friends!,no support!, parents will divorce!, no school esp. in china will accept him!, no job!, no security!, no future!, not even users/abusers/junkies! will want to hang out with him

  3. i thing the baby will be just find hisnot sick or anything so he should be find but taKING thing baby to a hospital is going to make a big chang.

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