Manchester City Vs Liverpool 3-0, Tevez hits two as City triumph

Manchester City have overcome the challenge of Liverpool with flying colours after the Eastlanders beat the Reds 3-0 and showed the Premiership, they meen bueiness after £120 million of spending and possibly more.

Video highlights Manchester City Vs Liverpool 3-0.

The win came on the day billionaire City owner Sheikh Mansour had turned up to watch the Northern Darby.

Tevez celebrates his first goal against Liverpool

Mansour must have been very happy and his reactions showed his delight as City managed to record their biggest victory against Liverpool in over seven decades.

The lost three points were the last thing Liverpool had wanted as they had already lost points in what should have been a win for Roy Hodgson’s side against Arsenal.

Tevez was arguably man of the match with two goals to his name but City looked strong and scored the opener in just the 13th minute with multimillion transfer James Milner, showing his worth by setting up Barry to score.

City were confortable after the 52nd minute after a corner by Milner was headed into the six yard box where Tevez capitalized from the bad defending to make it 2-0.

All hope was lost for Liverpool after the 68th minute when Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel fouled City’s Johnson where the referee gave a penalty decision.

Tevez was then present for the Penalty kick and wrong sided Jose Reina to score his second and his sides third goal of the match.

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