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Breaking News: Disaster hit Ghana, as six-story building collapsed on scores of people

This building collapsed on passerbyes in Accra, Ghana
This building collapsed on passerbyes in Accra, Ghana

A six story building collapsed on scores of people in Ghanan capital of Accra. Many wounded and dead..

Accra / NationalTurk – Two persons have been rescued whiles dozens are feared dead, trapped or injured as a six-storey Melcom shopping complex in Achimota a suburb of the capital Accra on Wednesday morning.

The rescued persons have been rushed to the Police Hospital in Accra as rescue efforts continues.

According to eyewitnesses, there were several workers and dozens of shoppers within the newly-built shopping complex before it collapsed.

Buiding Collapses in Accra, Ghana

Scores of high ranking police and fire service personnel including the vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur and the Mayor of Accra Alfred Oko Vanderpuye, are currently at the scene with excavators to rescue the trapped people as well as to clear the rubble.

Moments after the news broke, President John Dramani Mahama twittered: “My prayers are with the workers, shoppers and others who are trapped in the rubble of the collapsed Achimota Melcom building.”

The president has also suspended his campaign tour in the northern region of Ghana to return to Accra to help in the rescue operation.

Hundreds of people are trapped beneath the debris as five ambulances from the National Ambulance Service are also on standby to save lives.

It is unclear how many people are still under the debris as at now.

Stay with the NationalTurk for more updates on this heart-breaking developing story.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa News

The collapsed building in picture

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  1. I don’t think politicians should use this unfortunate incident as a campaign tool towards the December poll. It does not denote maturity in political era. Let’s rather help sympathize with the deceased families.

  2. I dont think the information that the building collapsed on passerbyes is correct. It was the workers of the shop who were trapped and not passerbyes. Please check your facts

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