Champions Trophy: Pakistan upsets Germany, reaches semis

Shakeel Abassi scored both goals for Pakistan.
Shakeel Abassi scored both goals for Pakistan.

Pakistan created major upset in Champions Trophy hockey by defeating Germany 2-1 in Melbourne on Thursday.

Islamabad, Dec 6 / NationalTurk- Pakistan created a major upset in Champions Trophy hockey being staged in Australia by defeating powerful Germany by 2 goals to 1 in Melbourne on Thursday.

The first goal of the match was scored by Germany. Its skipper Moritz Fuerste scored the goal. However, the lead was short-lived as Pakistani forwards counter attacked.

Pakistan’s Shakeel Abassi scored goals in 39th and 51st minutes for Pakistan and gave Pakistan 2-1 lead, which they managed to hold till the end of the play.

Pakistan missed several chances, including three penalty corners, to better the scoreline but held on to their lead to beat the much higher placed opponents.

Pakistan’s second goal was full of controversy

However, Pakistan’s second and decisive goal by Shakeel Abbasi was full of controversy. Germany referred it claiming it should not have been awarded to Pakistan as the ball initially came off the back of the stick of a Pakistani player before making its way to Abbasi. The video technology proved inconclusive and the goal was awarded to Pakistan despite German protests.

Today’s win was Pakistan’s only second win in the tournament. They had lost to Australia and Netherlands but won against Belgium to ensure a quarterfinal spot.

Later, Abbasi told media persons, “If we have confidence and play hard and have dedication, we have the potential to win against every team.”

Pakistan will now play semifinal match against Holland, who defeated New Zealand 2-0. The semi final will be held on Saturday. If Pakistan manages to win against Holland, it would be their first final of Champions Trophy  Hockey since 1998.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s arch rival India defeated Belgium 1-0 in another quarter final and advanced to the semifinals. They will meet the winner of Australia-England quarter final.

India scored the goal in 13th minute and hung on to the lead till the end of the match.


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