Cross border firing injures Indian soldier in Kashmir

Srinagar, May 25: As the heat wave conditions in Indian Kashmir is increasing, so is the firing incidents between Indian and Pakistani soldiers on the Line of Control (defacto border between India and Pakistan in Kashmir). An Indian border guard was injured in the fresh round of firing on Tuesday.

KASHMIRThe clashes between Indian and Pakistan soldiers along Line of Control (LoC) and border in Kashmir has witnessed a steady increase. Three incidents of cross-border firing have taken place in as many days in Indian Kashmir.

“A border guard identified as Anchal Singh was injured on Tuesday when he was hit by a bullet fired from across the border in Kathua sector of Kashmir,” said a senior border guard official, pleading anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to media.

He said the incident took place at around 0535 hours. “The border guards, who were involved in usual patrolling, came under fire from across Pakistani controlled Kashmir, causing injury to one of the soldier. Our soldiers maintained maximum restraint and did not retaliate,” he said.

India has been accusing Pakistani army of resorting to cross-border firing to help the armed militants to sneak into Indian Kashmir to foment trouble. Indian army, paramilitary and police officials have time and again accused Pakistani military of providing arms and training to the militants to fight Indian army in Kashmir. Pakistan army has all along been denying the allegations.

Earlier, on Monday senior Indian and Pakistan army officials had held a flag-meeting to discuss the cross-border firing incidents. Both sides have been accusing each other of starting the ‘unprovoked firing’ and targeting positions of one another.

On Sunday, a Pakistani soldier was killed on in Indian firing at Battal sector in Rawalkote area of Kashmir.
The nuclear armed India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir and were on brink of nuclear war in 1998. The soldiers of two countries were involved in daily cross-border firing incidents but these skirmishes stopped after 2003 border ceasefire between the two countries.

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National Turk / India – Faiz Ahmad

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