Drew Barrymore has to leave the stage at the live event

After a man suddenly appeared and spoke to her loudly in front of everyone, she fled from a live talk show. A scary moment for Drew Barrymore.

Actress Drew Barrymore was a guest at a talk in New York this week. On stage, she talked to singer and actress Reneé Rapp in front of an audience. Suddenly a man from the auditorium approached, making frightening remarks. The scene is captured in a video circulating on X, formerly Twitter.

It shows Barrymore talking to Rapp. Finally someone can be heard yelling “Drew Barrymore”. The 48-year-old is apparently startled and calls into the microphone. “Oh my god. Yes! Hi!”

“I have to see you sometime”

Meanwhile, the man who shouted but is not in the picture seems to have come closer to the stage. Saying his name, he adds, “You know who I am. I need to see you sometime when you’re in New York.” Then Barrymore and Rapp leave the stage together and a security man intervenes.

Many users left a comment under the PopCrave account post showing the video of the situation. One person writes, for example, “It’s so scary.” Also read: “I can’t put it into words, but it’s incredibly scary.” Another user finds: “Something like this happens to far too many celebrities.”

According to “NBC News”, neither Drew Barrymore nor Renée Repp wanted to comment on the incident. Accordingly, no such incident was reported to the New York police. But according to several reports, the man is said to have stalked actress Amber Heard in the past.


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