During the Russian attack on Gostomel, the legendary plane “Dream” was destroyed

As a result of an air attack by Russian troops on the airport in Gostomel near Kyiv, the world’s largest and most powerful AN-225 “Dream” plane burned down.

“The occupiers destroyed the plane, but they will not be able to destroy our common dream. It will definitely be revived,” said Yuri Gusev, general director of Ukroboronprom.

He says the construction of a new such aircraft will cost $ 3 billion and will take 5 years.

“Our task is to ensure that these costs are covered by the Russian Federation, which caused intentional damage to Ukrainian aviation and the air cargo sector,” said Yuri Gusev, director general of Ukroboronprom.

On February 24-27, fierce fighting broke out outside the airport in Gostomel, with Russia trying to land there and take control of the airport.


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