Forest fire and storm in Italy: Palermo airport closed

While the airport in Palermo was closed due to the forest fire that started in the south of Italy, two people lost their lives in the storms in the north.

It was announced that the Palermo airport was closed due to the forest fire that started on the island of Sicily in the south of Italy, where the extreme heat continues. At least two people died due to storms in the north of the country.

According to the news of Reuters, it was decided that the airport in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, will remain closed until 9.00 local time today. It was stated that the fire departments tried to extinguish the fires that started in a region close to the airport, and that the fire also negatively affected the road and rail traffic in the region. It was also shared that the air temperature on the island of Sicily reached 47.6 degrees on Monday, July 24.

In the north of Italy, where a ‘red alert’ is given for 16 cities, including Palermo and Catania, due to the extreme heat, storms are effective. Two women lost their lives due to fallen trees in the northern regions of Monza and Brescia. It was announced that a plane belonging to Delta airline, which took off for New York, USA yesterday, was seriously damaged due to hail and had to return to the capital, Rome.

In Italy, one of the European countries most affected by the climate crisis, heavy rains and floods occurred in May, and at least 13 people lost their lives.

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