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Berlusconi’s Battle for Power:In an emergency comes Marina / Breaking News


Mass demonstrations, threats and warnings: Silvio Berlusconi’s battle against his conviction as a tax cheat has only just begun so right. The Italian ex-premier has been building on a possible successor – daughter Marina.

That was only the beginning: Several thousand people traveled to Rome on Sunday night to support their idol loudly in the hours of need. “They want to destroy the man who ensures that we work,” says one. “Basta” calls another, “basta with the disgusting justice.”

Despite the forty degrees in the center of ancient Rome, they came from all over Italy to Palazzo Grazioli, Berlusconi‘s headquarters in the capital unloved. Because “what they do with Silvio,” outraged man in old age, “is unfair!” Italy’s highest court was the former prime minister on Thursday convicted of tax fraud.

“I am innocent,” Silvio Berlusconi calls his banners oscillating followers. And perhaps because he himself believes he has to fight back tears. “I’m here and I’m staying here,” he promises his followers, “and I will not back down.” The fans shout “Bravo Silvio” and sing the party anthem “Meno male che Silvio c’è” – “What luck that there is Silvio”.

“Dramatic situation”

Other, much larger mass demonstrations are to follow soon. They should make it clear that Renato Brunetta, parliamentary leader of Berlusconi’s party PdL (“Popolo della Libertà”, “People of Freedom”), that it is not concerned, “the leader of the largest party in the personal and the political freedom to take.”

First recipient of the message is President Giorgio Napolitano.

The wants Brunetta these days with his party colleague Renato Schifani, illustrate the parliamentary leader in the Senate, the second chamber of parliament, in a personal conversation “dramatic situation” Either will pardon their leader, amnesty, whatever protected from justice – or the government is at the end.

All Pdl-ministers were ready to resign. New elections were then inevitable. How difficult under such circumstances would form a government, which risks for democracy in Italy would serve the President knew only too well from the agonizing weeks of post-election earlier this year.

Mack the Knife shows the weapons


The message that the duo will present the Head of State “in respectful words,” spread Berlusconi dramatic speaker for the people: When Silvio Berlusconi will not be saved, ex-Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi, threatening “civil war”.

Even the TV stations and newspapers from Berlusconi’s media empire turn on fully. “Il”, for example, schlagzeilte Sunday: “If Silvio is guilty, arrest us all!” On the homepage of Berlusconi’s own football club AC Milan insure club and fans: “Today more than ever, the Milanisti stand on the side of Berlusconi”.

“Mack the Knife shows the weapons,” said the 89-year-old Eugenio Scalfari – politician, philosopher and founder of the newspaper “La Repubblica” – the major media use.

Second recipient of the battle cries of the Berlusconi troupe is the coalition partners, the center-left party “Partito Democratico” (PD). PD Prime Minister Enrico Letta would like to continue to govern, to spare Italy the hard way despite the difficult choice of a new coalition with Berlusconi’s PdL. But also because his party is deeply divided and he and his political friends were probably in a possible power struggle before new elections to the track. That the President and the Prime Minister want to save the coalition, Berlusconi’s last chance.

He wants to have his passport, which since Saturday – what a humiliation! – Is in police custody. He does not go to prison, which in any case does not threaten him due to age, but also not a substitute for social services or serve out serve house arrest in one of his villas.

When Prime Minister and President Napolitano Letta not help him, then Berlusconi wants to just “bring back the legitimacy of elections in which it has taken the award of the Supreme Court.” Every day he will therefore increase the pressure until the two is remembered as – thereby get into trouble without even – can save the person before the fall.

Dad’s favorite – and a friend of Dad’s fiance

Fininvest President Marina Berlusconi smiles during the shareholders meeting at Mondadori headquarters in Segrate, outside Milan
Fininvest President Marina Berlusconi smiles during the shareholders meeting at Mondadori headquarters in Segrate, outside Milan

If anything goes wrong, of course, is already a successor ready, more precisely, a successor, daughter Marina.

At every meeting with the top people of his party in recent days she was here, never before. He did not want his daughter had to suffer as he did, Father Berlusconi has said many times before. Now he mused in a small circle, as various Italian media report that Marina would probably compete when it come to elections in October. Even Berlusconi’s newspaper ‘Il Giornale’ predicts that Marina will perhaps stand in place of her father, but in the future be involved heavily in politics anyway.

The eldest child from his first marriage was always Dad’s favorite – and still is today. He has his daughter, even though she had dropped out of university, already set with 30 years at the head of his company and (as the U.S. magazine “Forbes”) made ​​it to the “most influential woman in Italy”.

The affection exists on both sides Marina married a famous ballet dancers, two children get – but Dad is still the center of their world. If her criticism comes to his ears, she goes to the ceiling. What is daddy dear, you may also like: The hair is colored, lifted her face, just like Father Silvio.

With Facebook fan pages and they even presented his new fiancée Francesca Pascale as a “friend”. Although Marina, who in a few days their 47th Celebrates birthday, so perhaps a bit old for Papas “New” is. The 27’s

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