Google closes critical vulnerabilities in Android

Google has closed numerous security holes in Android. These include those where attackers can take control of the cell phone.

With its January update, Google has again patched vulnerabilities in its Android mobile operating system. As the company reports, there are also security gaps where attackers can take control of the cell phone.

One of the vulnerabilities is so serious that it “can lead to a local escalation of permissions without requiring additional execution permissions,” according to Google.

This means that attackers can inject malicious code into the cell phone that changes user permissions. This allows the hackers to remotely control the device and run their own programs on it.

All phones with Android version 10 to 13 are affected

According to Google, all smartphones with Android 10 to 13 are affected by the vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities are said to be in the core of the operating system, the so-called kernel, as well as in the components from the manufacturers Qualcomm and Mediatek.

Google has already informed the smartphone manufacturers about the security gaps. They should gradually provide the update for their devices.

Carry out an Android update via the smartphone

The manufacturers’ Android updates are distributed “over the air”. That is because the smartphone does not have to be connected to a computer. The mobile phone should be in a WLAN for this.

How to trigger the update manually:

Open the Settings app. The icon is usually a gear.
Scroll down. From there, tap on a menu item called System.
In the system submenu you will find the item system update. Tap on it. This entry is initially not visible on some devices. Here you have to tap on Advanced first.
The system update subpage now shows whether an update is already available to be installed. If you want to be sure, tap Check for updates at the bottom right.
If an update is available, it will first be downloaded and then installed.

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