Google doodle celebrates Freddie Mercury Day with music

Latest Google Doodle tribute to legendary Freddie Mercury
Latest Google Doodle tribute to legendary Freddie Mercury

The unforgetabble vocal of Queen, Freddie Mercury honoured on his 65th birthday anniversary with a creative, interactive Google doodle.

Web search engine giant Google honours and pays tribute to Freddie Mercury on Freddie Mercury Day on what would have been the Queen singer’s 65th birthday with a special and interactive google doodle.

In the animated Google Doodle, Mercury is shown singing on stage in front of screaming fans, sat on a throne wearing a crown and dressed as a woman, and strutting about with a hoover. The over 100-second long animated short even features Freddie Mercury wearing a jumper and a crown and flying down to sit on a throne. The second longest doodle by Google after Charlie Chaplin’s google doodle, is designed by Jennifer Hom and Google Doodle designer Ryan Germick. Germick added: “The Freddie Mercury doodle video has a lot of fun, goofy stuff to celebrate what an incredible song writer, fashion icon, and musical innovator Mercury was.” Previously, Google featured rock legend and e-guitar designer Les Paul in another interactive doodle, that attracted interest in immense amounts.

Latest Google Doodle tribute to legendary Freddie Mercury

In the US Mercury’s birth anniversary clashes with Labour Day so the animated google doodle is visible online worldwide except the USA. The accompanying video to the latest google doodle is over 90 seconds long and set to 1978 Queen hit ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

Queen guitarist Brian May, writing on a special Google blog, said: “Freddie would have been 65 this year, and even though physically he is not here, his presence seems more potent than ever. Freddie made the last person at the back of the furthest stand in a stadium feel that he was connected. He gave people proof that a man could achieve his dreams.”

Freddie Mercury endured and lost a lengthy battle with HIV before his death in 1991 at the age of 45. Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Balsara to Parsi parents Bomi and Jer Bulsara in Zanzibar. He schooled at St Peter’s boarding school in Panchgani, Maharashtra. He reportedly performed for the first time on stage there. Freddie Mercury shot to fame as the lead vocalist of rock band Queen. He is remembered for all-time hits such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love.

In another celebration of this legendary artisan of the previous century, London’s Dominion Theatre is hosting a West End Summer Tea Party For Freddie For A Day with a rare chance to see Freddie Mercury’s personal stamp collection In aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

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