Google is finally shutting down Stadia

Users still have time to back up their data until January 18th. Then Google shut down its Stadia game streaming service, which it launched in 2019.

The Internet company Google will end its games streaming service Stadia in a few days. Until January 18, users still have the opportunity to save their games or saves.

Game developers like IO Interactive have created guides on how to transfer progress from the Stadia game Hitman to other platforms.

The Polish development studio CD Projekt Red also describes in a blog entry how users of the game “Cyberpunk 2077” can download their Stadia saves and use them on the PC.

Ubisoft automatically brings games from Stadia to PC
Developer Ubisoft is converting games purchased from Stadia into PC versions. This includes the titles “Just Dance” and “Trivial Pursuit Live! 2”, as the company announces. If users have linked their Stadia account to a Ubisoft account, the company even wants to automatically add the game titles to the PC library.

Stadia was launched on November 19, 2019 with twelve games. Among them were blockbusters like “Red Dead Redemption 2”, “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” and “Mortal Kombat 11”.

Google announced in 2021 that it wanted to stop developing its own games for its streaming service. The Internet company wanted to stimulate interest in its game streaming service Stadia with games from its own production.

Not enough support from users

At the end of September last year, Google then declared its foray into the online video game business a failure and announced that it wanted to discontinue Stadia. The reason: Stadia did not get enough encouragement from users.

Google had announced that customers of the game streaming service Stadia would be reimbursed for their hardware and software expenses.


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