Hong Kong is giving away 500,000 airline tickets from March

The corona pandemic has hit many states, regions and cities worldwide hard.

Tourism also collapsed massively in the Asian metropolis of Hong Kong. Now tourists are to be lured back into the special administrative zone with an expensive campaign.

Hong Kong plans to give away 500,000 airline tickets worth US$255 million (around €231.7 million) to boost tourism again. This is reported by the German Press Agency (dpa) with reference to the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post”. As Prime Minister John Lee announced on Thursday (February 2), the tickets will be distributed to visitors from all over the world from March and will be available through local airlines. More free air tickets are reserved for both Hong Kong residents and visitors for flights from mainland China.

Hong Kong’s tourism industry has suffered greatly from the consequences of the corona pandemic. Strict entry requirements were still in force in the Chinese special administrative region until autumn last year. For example, there was a hotel quarantine in Hong Kong during the pandemic, which sometimes lasted weeks, which deterred many potential visitors. However, all corona measures have not yet been overturned in the Asian metropolis. Masks are still compulsory in public buildings and on the street.

Entry requirements for Hong Kong

All travelers over the age of four are required to show either a negative PCR test (within 48 hours of departure) or a negative rapid test (within 24 hours of departure) upon arrival in Hong Kong. According to the Federal Foreign Office, a photo of the test result should be kept for 90 days or can be uploaded voluntarily using the Health Declaration Form. Vacationers from abroad who are older than twelve must be vaccinated when entering from third countries.


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