Cathy Hummels gets massive criticism for topless photo

One would think that nude pictures of celebrities would get a lot of attention. Cathy Hummels is having a different experience.

She wants to prove to the world that she is fine after the divorce from BVB kicker Mats Hummels. In the last few days and weeks, Cathy Hummels has repeatedly shared many revealing photos.

For her 35th birthday, she showed up in a bikini and shared with her now more than 700,000 followers how comfortable she feels in her own skin. A new topless photo of the presenter, on the other hand, does not trigger any storms of enthusiasm.

In a new Instagram picture, Hummels poses by a pool in Thailand, where she is currently working on a TV project. You can only see the upper body of the 35-year-old. This one is completely naked. Hummels covers her breasts with her arms. The gaze goes towards the camera. She looks seriously into the lens, her red lips are tightly closed. “How I started things in Thailand and how I end them in Thailand,” she writes on the post, obviously referring to the end of her filming.

“Go to OnlyFans!”

It can be assumed that Hummels was hoping for a lot of encouragement from her community for the nudist picture. In just a few hours, this was marked with a like almost 6,500 times. But the verdict of Instagram users is surprisingly negative.

“Sure, beautiful woman, but does she need to undress for everyone? Well, if you can’t do anything else,” etches a user. “Is that really your right to get ambiguous comments on such pictures from horny men? Does that really increase your non-existent self-esteem? Are you no longer worth it?” Asks another. A follower wonders: “Of course it’s a great picture, but it’s edited without end. Why does she have to put something like this online?”

A user demands that Hummels create an account with the permissive payment platform OnlyFans: “My God, isn’t it good with your clothesless photos? Go to OnlyFans. I’m sure some people will enjoy it …”

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