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Hong Kong: Police threaten protesters with “serious consequences” / Breaking News

File photo of Hong Kong's Commissioner of Police Tsang speaking during a news conference in Hong Kong

The warning of the security forces is clear: If Hong Kong’s street fighter action against government buildings, they face a tough police intervention.

The voltages at the demonstrations for more democracy in Hong Kong grow. The police of the Chinese Special Administrative Region on Thursday warned against “serious consequences”, activists should as announced storming government buildings and want to occupy. “We urge the leaders of ‘Occupy Central’ to halt its movement immediately,” the government said.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong continued their protests and once again called for the resignation of Prime Minister Leung Chun Ying. The students demand to Thursday evening the resignation of the Government. They threaten otherwise to occupy important government building to “paralyze the administration,” as it was called.

Thousands began in the morning in order to block access to the seat of government. Hundreds of policemen guarded the building. The police warned according to Hong Kong media reports also facing a siege of authority buildings.

Protesters throw Leung pretend to be agents of the Chinese leadership, rather than stand up for the interests of Hong Kong. Evil they also make him a violent police raid on the night of Monday. “Since the government has instructed the police to fire 87 bullets with tear gas during the protests, there is no room for dialogue,” said Lester Shum, Vice Secretary-General of the Student Union.

Hong Kong Protests:A week of protests

Activists block the meantime seventh consecutive day the main roads and a well-known shopping district in Hong Kong. The seat of government of Leung is right next to the barracks of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and is only five minutes walk from the main venue of the demonstrations in the Admiralty district. The protests were sparked to allow a free nomination of candidates to the refusal of the leadership in Beijing, in the planned first direct election in 2017 in Hong Kong.

A first attempt of the regional government to disperse the predominantly young protesters by force had failed: The use of pepper spray, water cannons and tear gas on Sunday night meant that more people stayed on the main thoroughfares of the metropolis.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States supported the choice of Hong Kong’s head of government. This had been agreed prior to the return of the British Crown Colony in 1997 to China so. His Chinese counterpart Wang Yi refused to tolerate any outside interference. The situation in Hong Kong is China’s matter alone, Wang said on Wednesday before talks with Kerry in Washington.

The Chinese censors, however, is working flat out to prevent the dissemination of news from Hong Kong in China.

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