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Islamic State before Kobane: PKK leader Ocalan provides ultimatum to Turkey / Breaking News

Abdullah Öcalan

The IS-terror militia has the Kurdish town Kobane firmly in the grip – now threatens PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey: If Ankara leave the border town down, threatening an end to the peace process between Kurds and Turks.

The imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan is the Turkish government under pressure: If the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) in the inhabited mainly by Kurds Syrian border town Kobane perpetrate a massacre will end the peace process with the leaders of Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers Party PKK. “I call on everyone in Turkey who does not want the peace process and the path to democracy collapses on to take responsibility for Kobane” said Ocalan.

His opinion was circulated on Thursday by one of the PKK related delegation that had visited Ocalan in prison on Wednesday. The Turkish Parliament is expected in the afternoon authorize the army to intervene in Syria and Iraq.

Fighters of the Islamic State (IS) siege for more than two weeks Kobane in northern Syria. More than 150,000 Syrian Kurds fled to Turkey. Against the foregoing brutal militia, which already has large parts of Syria and Iraq under control, fighting in Kobane Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG), allied with the PKK.

Islamic State before Kobane:Peace process in danger

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had initiated in 2012 the peace process with the PKK to end the 30-year battle militant Kurds for more rights. Turkey, the United States and the European Union have classified the PKK as a terrorist group. Ocalan sitting for 15 years in Turkey for treason, murder and forming a terrorist organization in detention.

The location to Kobane has worsened dramatically – although the US-led coalition had recently bombed the jihadists there from the air. Concern is high that the IS will enter soon in the city. Kurdish forces prepare in downtown already on street fighting for the case to that the military far beyond laying jihadists break through the last lines of defense.

The city Kobane, which is called in Arabic Ain al-Arab, is located directly on the border with Turkey. It is the last bastion of a region that was previously under control of Syrian Kurds. If the IS taking it, he would dominate a large part of the 900 kilometer long Turkish-Syrian border. The terrorist militia apparently already controls hundreds of villages in the region of Kobane and had also recently a Turkish enclave surrounded in Syria.

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