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Incident at Cologne Airport: Turkish Deputy Minister criticized police violence in Germany ! / Turkey News

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The Turkish Deputy Minister attacked the German police. When used at Cologne / Bonn Airport, an official said to have been struck with a stick on a Turks living in Germany. The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation against both men.

A member of the Turkish government raises serious allegations against the German police. The occasion is an incident at the airport Cologne / Bonn: On Sunday, an official there should have beaten a Turks living in Germany with a stick so that he fainted.

“I condemn the police violence against our citizens at the Cologne airport. We will follow exactly how the German authorities to deal with this issue,” the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said in Ankara. “We hope that the German authorities to initiate legal penalties against the policemen who have broken the law.” He had the Turkish Embassy in Berlin instructed to take the case, Bozdag said.

Bekir Bozdag had commented several times in the past critical of the handling of the Federal Republic to Turks. Among other things he had to house fires, where Turks living in Germany were harmed, said he does not trust the German authorities.

Dispute at the airport Cologne / Bonn

Yasar Albayrak, the alleged victim of police violence, announced legal action. The dispute had inflamed when he brought his son and his fiancée to the airport. An airport staff had ignored his request for information for the flight to Istanbul several times, living in Duisburg Albayrak of Turkish Dogan news agency said.

Then a police officer wanted to check the identity of his son. “Even as I asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I saw the policeman hit me with a stick. For the rest I can not. remember I fainted. “He had to be treated for a 3.5-centimeter-long wound to the head and arm injuries in the hospital. In movies and photos on the internet lying on the ground and bleeding at the head Albayrak is seen.

Turkish media, he expressed his anger over the incident. “We have been beaten at the airport, what kind of a democracy,” he said. “I am an employee in this country and pay a lot of taxes.” The 51-year-old now wants to sue the police officers involved.

The Cologne prosecutor has initiated proceedings. “We are investigating an official for an initial suspicion of assault in office,” said Attorney General Ulrich Bremer. Against Albayrak is being investigated for resisting enforcement officials. “We must now explain why the official has used the baton, where he met the man and what injuries caused thereby,” Bremer said.


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