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India votes against Israel in UNHRC resolution on Gaza

Anti-Israel protest in Indian Kashmir. File Pic
Anti-Israel protest in Indian Kashmir. File Pic

In and unprecedented move, India has voted against Israel in UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution to probe Israel’s offensive on Gaza.

New Delhi, July 24/Nationalturk – After facing strong pressure from opposition parties on Israel’s continued aggression in Gaza, India in an unprecedented move has voted against Israel in UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution to probe Israel’s offensive on Gaza.

India along with members of BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa voted for a Palestinian-drafted UNHRC resolution on “Ensuring Respect for international law in The Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem”.

The resolution calls for probe into Israel’s offensive on Gaza.

In the 46-member UNHRC, 29 countries including India voted in support of the resolution while 17 nations abstained.

India has good bilateral relations with Israel and has been purchasing defence equipments from Israel.

The Palestinian death toll in Israeli air and ground operation in Gaza has risen to 718. 32 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have also been killed in the fighting.

India concerned at steep escalation

India’s envoy to UN Asoke Mukerji said India is deeply concerned at the steep escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, particularly heavy airstrikes in Gaza and disproportionate use of force on ground, resulting in tragic loss of civilian lives, especially women and children and heavy damage to property.

“We are deeply concerned at the human rights situation in Occupied Palestine territory including East Jerusalem. We call upon all sides to exercise maximum restraint and avoid taking actions that may further exacerbate the situation, and threaten peace and security of the region. India remains firmly convinced that dialogue remains the only viable option that can effectively address the issues confronting the region and its people,” he said.

Indian govt supports efforts for ceasefire

Mukherji said Indian government is closely monitoring the situation in Gaza and supports all efforts for an immediate ceasefire between the parties involved.

“India believes that the solution to the Palestine issue should be based on the relevant UN resolutions, the Arab Peace Plan and the Quartet Roadmap resulting in a sovereign, independent, viable and united State of Palestine within secure and recognized borders side-by-side at peace with Israel and with East Jerusalem as its capital,” he said and called for immediate ceasefire to stop the violence and bloodshed in Gaza.

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