Indonesian Luna Maya, Cut Tari and Nazril Ariel Facebook Sex Scandal

Indonesia rocked by celebrity sex scandal – Three of Indonesia’s biggest stars, Nazril Ariel lead singer of a popular boy band, Peterpan, TV presenter and former girlfriend of Ariel, Cut Tar and Actor, TV presenter and current girl friend of Ariel, Luna Maya have been embroiled in a sex scandal after three videos were uploaded on Facebook.

These images allegedly of Cut Tarri and have rocked Indonesia
These images allegedly of Cut Tar and Nazril Ariel have rocked Indonesia.

Two of the videos, one allegedly with Ariel, the lead singer of the pop band Peterpan, having sex with current girlfriend Luna Maya and the second allegedly with Ariel and his former girlfriend Cut Tari was uploaded on Facebook.

Nazril Ariel, the lead singer Indonesian band  Peterpan, has sold millions of albums in Indonesia and are well known in Asian countries.

The videos were taken off the popular social network but not before dozens of copies started to emerge in several forum’s, video sharing websites and porn sites in Indonesia.

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The video’s have been taken down Facebook and many other websites but it still has not stopped people who have downloaded the videos to re-upload to other websites.

The Indonesian police are investigating the matter and have said in a press conference that they will be bringing the three celebrities in for questioning.

The police spokesman said “We will question them to find out about the clips and how the videos were circulated in public,”

Peterpan star Ariel
Peterpan star Ariel

The three celebrities face a jail term of up to 16 years as it is illegal after the controversial 2008 Anti-Pornography law in Indonesia for sexually explicit material to be filmed or photos taken.

Meanwhile the sex scandal has resulted in adds staring the stars to be taken down in the country with a huge majority of Muslims.

All three of the stars have denied the videos but several experts have said that the people featured in the videos do have a resemblance.

Indonesia is not an Islamic state but has an overwhelming Muslim population of over 88% of the estimated 230 million population.

The country has a democratic government but pre-marital sex is seen as a taboo in the country as it is against the cultural views of much of the country’s population.

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Cut Tari
Cut Tari
Luna Maya
Luna Maya
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  1. If a human being finds it difficult to control his/her lust, his/her dignity and honor is lower than animals. Ariel, Luna and Maya are adulterer and think that they will live forever. You will be old or die in a few seconds fellows. You don’t live forever in this world

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