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Internet Addicted parents leave three year old babe to die

Internet ObssessionToddler starved to death while her parents play online games games involving raising virtual child.

South Korea has been shocked by the death of a three month old baby after Internet addicted parents neglect baby while spending hours in the Internet cafe.

The incident that occurred in South Korea, shocked authorities as the truth started to emerge. The three month old baby was abandoned and unfed while the mother and farther were preoccupied with a popular online game that involved raising a virtual child.

South Korean Authorities have announced that they arrested a 41-year-old man and 25-year-old woman.

It has been reported that the pair had met through a chat site and left the three year old helpless infant on her own while they went to Internet cafes to play online games. The pair had only went home to occasionally feed the baby powdered milk.

The father of the baby said to the asiaone website “I am sorry for what I did and hope that my daughter does not suffer any more in heaven,”

According to the Yonhap news agency, the South Korean authorities said the pair had become obsessed with the popular role-playing game Prius Online which involved raising a virtual girl called Anima.

The Internet addicted parents had spent hours and hours on the internet leaving their premature baby unattended at their family home. The tragic death of the baby occurred after the pair had arrived from a 12 hour long Internet session.

The authorities had grown suspicious when they saw how malnutrition the baby’s body was and ordered an autopsy.

The latest of a series of tragedies that occurred in South Korea highlighted how Internet addiction can be so dangerous and has ignited new debates in country.

Just last month the country was once again in shock with the news of a 22 year old young man murdering his mother because she nagged him to get of the computer as he spending too much time playing games. The young man then went to a near by Internet cafe to carry on playing games.

In 2005 a young man had died in South Korea after he collapsed in an Internet cafe where he had staid for 50 hours continuously playing online games. The man went into a cardiac arrest and later died in the hospital.

The latest research published by Leeds University researchers on excessive Internet usage found that there was a link between Internet addiction and depression.

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