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The success of Twitter

Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone
Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone

Twitter was launched in 2006 with the sole purpose getting people connected. Since then the blog site has rapidly grown in popularity and announced yesterday that it’s 10 billionth message was sent.

The twitter blog site reached the 10 billionth mark last night and shows how much the site has grown in popularity. On November 2008 twitter hit it’s first billion message and had reached five billion tweets on November 2009.

The super successful blog site predicts that it’s 20th billion message will be reached sometime in July if the current popularity continues.

The latest data received by Twitter shows that over 600 tweets are sent every second which adds up to 50 million tweets per-a-day, and this figure is constantly increasing.

The increase in users and messages has rocketed high after a range of A-list celebrities from sports, showbiz, Hollywood, etc, signed up to the microblogging service.

Stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry and Steven Gerrard all use Twitter as well as companies, to advertise their products.

The news of the 10 billionth message on twitter came from Gigatweet, which is a site that keeps a real-time record of all the Twitter messages sent.

London is currently the city with the highest number of twitter users in the world.

Though the success of Twitter is very substantial, It still lacks in success compared to rivals facebook and youtube under the social sites category. While facebook users around the world spend an accumulate time of eight billion minutes on the site per day, over one million videos are added on youtube a day.

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