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Israel hit Damascus: There are dead

Increasing its attacks on Syria in 2022, Israel launched a missile attack on Damascus at night.

Flights from the damaged Damascus Airport were stopped, at least 2 Syrian soldiers lost their lives.

As a result of Israel targeting the airport in Syria’s capital, Damascus, 2 Syrian soldiers were killed and the airport was closed.

In a statement made by the Syrian army, it was stated that Israel targeted the airport with missiles at night. The missiles fell to the south of Damascus as well as the airport.

The army announced that serious damage occurred at Damascus Airport in the attack.

Two sources reported that an attack was carried out on the facilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force around the airport in Israel.

Israel, which frequently attacks points belonging to the army and Iran in Syria, increased the dose of missile attacks in 2022. Flights at Damascus Airport were temporarily suspended due to Israeli attacks in June.


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