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Mexico: At least 14 dead in prison attack

Criminals have killed at least 14 people in an attempted prison storm in northern Mexico. 24 prisoners were able to escape during the fighting. The situation is now under control.

Ten guards and four inmates have been killed in an attack on a prison in Mexico. Prosecutors in the state of Chihuahua said armed assailants in armored vehicles attacked the detention center in Ciudad Juárez on the US border and opened fire on the guards.

In addition to the 14 dead, 13 people were injured and 24 prisoners escaped. Mexican soldiers and state police later took control of the prison again. Prosecutors said their staff was investigating the incident. According to media reports, the aim of the attack was to free prisoners. At least 24 prisoners managed to escape during the fighting.

Attack on police officers in the city

Shortly before the attack on the detention center, gunmen in Ciudad Juárez attacked several police officers, according to the Attorney General’s Office. Four suspects were arrested and two others killed.

Violence is common in Mexican prisons. Many of the often overcrowded prisons are controlled by criminal gangs. In some, the authorities exercise little control. Clashes erupt between rival gangs that act as proxies for drug cartels in places like Juárez.

With a homicide rate of 85 per 100,000 people, Ciudad Juárez is currently the fifth most dangerous city in the world. By August, a revolt at the prison had spread to the city streets. Eleven people died.

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