Italy’s most sexy TV showgirl & gameshow queen fascinates Sara Varone target UK TV programs, Video / Showbiz News


Goddess Sara Varone is most Italy’s most popular woman and TV showgirl, everyones love it this sexy Italian chick.(Photos)

  • Her first gameshow was called Uomini e Donne and she currently works on Buona Domenica.


  • She presents with Elisabetta Gregoraci, who is also hot but married to Flavio Briatore. Only a 31 year age gap…


  • She has (we reckon) more nip slips than any other celebrity.
  • She had to study in France and here on these shores to get her psychology degree. That’s right, she was here, and you missed her.

Sara Varone new target work for British TV programs


The Rome born, Psychology graduate not only was blessed with Italian olive skin and intelligence but also some almighty brains (36E to be exact) for her slender 5’9 figure.

She found her way into modeling and presenting and is now famous for her ability to perform nimble tasks that involve small dresses and plenty of water.


Remember the ’90s when more than four TV channels meant a grey dish taking up a whole wall of your house? Thank God videos are now available over the internet, because Italy have found a winning show, starring their own game show Goddess Sara Varone.

Despite being a psychology graduate and model, she isn’t too big headed to get involved in the wetter games. She is known for wearing tiny, tight, sexy dresses and getting nice and moist… sometimes while wrestling girls.


The shows you will be furiously searching for are called Uomini e Donne and Buona Domenica. For a taster of her nip slipping subtlety, check out her gallery below. But before that, why not enjoy a video of her failing to hula hoop and paying for it… by showering.

Watch Sara Varone program Buona Domenica Video

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