Jill Biden has skin cancer

During a routine check-up, skin abnormalities were discovered on Jill Biden. After an operation and examinations, it is now clear: The First Lady has cancer.

US First Lady Jill Biden has skin cancer. According to the attending physician, the affected tissue was completely removed on Wednesday.

It was announced last week that Jill Biden will have facial surgery. “A routine skin cancer screening found a small lesion over the First Lady’s right eye,” White House Doctor Kevin O’Connor said in a statement. The outpatient procedure was performed Wednesday at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

In what is known as Mohs surgery, thin layers of skin are usually removed to look for signs of various types of skin cancer. Care is taken to ensure that cancerous tissue is removed while healthy tissue is preserved.

“The procedure confirmed that the small lesion was basal cell carcinoma,” the White House said in a statement. A basal cell carcinoma, or basal cell carcinoma, is a tumor that, unlike a melanoma, does not usually metastasize. Basalioma is also known as light or white skin cancer.

“All of the cancerous tissue was successfully removed and there were no remnants of skin cancer cells at the edges of the lesion,” shares Kevin O’Connor, explaining, “We will be monitoring the area closely as it heals, but anticipate no further surgeries.” will be required.”

The procedure also removed a lesion on the other, left eyelid, which is now being examined in the laboratory, it is said. Another “area of concern” was also discovered on the left side of the 71-year-old’s chest. This tissue was also removed – a basal cell carcinoma was confirmed. Here, too, the entire cancerous tissue was successfully removed, and there were no remnants of skin cancer cells at the edges of the lesion.

As expected, Jill Biden has some swelling and bruising on her face but is feeling fine. The First Lady wanted to leave the hospital on the same day.

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