Djamila Rowe surprisingly moves to the jungle camp

The jungle camp starts on Friday. RTL announced the candidates some time ago. Now something has changed with the prominent cast.

“Yes, no, maybe? After many days of worrying, waiting and thinking, a huge stone is falling from my heart,” explains Djamila Rowe in an interview with RTL. The 55-year-old speaks of her participation in “I’m a star – get me out of here”.

Rowe is already on his way to the Australian bush, as the broadcaster announced in a message. Together with her colleagues Cecilia Asoro, Jolina Mennen, Tessa Bergmeier, Verena Kerth, Jana Pallaske, Claudia Effenberg, Gigi Birofio, Cosimo Citiolo, Papis Loveday, Lucas Cordalis and Markus Mörl, she travels to the jungle camp.

Martin Semmelrogge is not there for the time being

But a celebrity is missing. Previously, actor Martin Semmelrogge was also introduced as a contestant on the show. However, the 67-year-old did not travel to Australia with the other stars. There were “production-related reasons” that initially prevented the trip, it said. “There will be an update on that on the first show of ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!’ on Friday, January 13th,” RTL also announced. It remains unclear whether the mime will still play a role in the jungle.

For Rowe, the start in the camp is set. For her, this is a dream come true. Already in 2021 she applied for a place in the jungle camp. At that time, because of the corona pandemic, the broadcaster organized a replacement show in which celebrities could apply to participate in the following year. In the end, however, the spectators decided. Rowe got too few calls and had to stay home.

How do you know Djamila Rowe?

Rowe became known in the early 2000s through an alleged affair with the then Swiss Ambassador Thomas Borer in Germany. Since then she has romped around on various red carpets and has repeatedly appeared in public with headlines. But then it became quiet around her.

The appearance in the jungle replacement show was her TV comeback. Now she wants to show again what is behind her facade. “When you think of me and see me, you see lips and breasts,” she told RTL. “You can see that a lot has been done and restored. But that’s only the outer shell. Of course you can’t see the inside.” But she has experienced a lot in her life that she now wants to share with the outside world. She also wants to encourage other people with her life.

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