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Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in eastern Ukraine

The end came at 15:20 clock, and it came without warning: The interim report on the crash of Flight MH17 indicates how abruptly the Boeing was destroyed. Many important details of the report can be made ​​yet.

It is a ghostly dialogue, the interim report of the Dutch Security OVV reproduces. Participants: the crew of flight MH17 and an air traffic controller in the control center Dnipropetrovsk; it is the last few seconds before the crash of the Boeing 777 on the Eastern Ukraine. Content of the routine call is a change of course in which the Malaysia Airlines aircraft is to trigger the waypoint RND.

15:08:00 Clock – MH17: “Dnipro radar, Malaysian one-seven, flight level 330” – Pilot: “Malaysian one-seven, Good day, we have radar contact.”

15:19:49 Clock – Pilot: “. Malaysian one-seven, due to air traffic directly to the waypoint Romeo November-Delta”

15:19:56 Clock – MH17: “Romeo November-Delta, one Malaysian-seven.”

15:20:00 Clock – Pilot: “Malaysian one-seven, and then ask directly to (waypoint) TIKNA.”

15:21:10 Clock – Pilot: “Malaysian one-seven, can you hear me Malaysian one-seven, Dnipro Radar?.”

Gets a reply ATC any more, it remains silent in the skies over the Ukraine. The records of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder break precisely three seconds after 15:20 clock (German time) from – immediately after the last radio message from the crew. It is the moment in which Boeing is “riddled with numerous fast-flying objects” with 298 people on board, as the interim report notes sober.

The publication of the 34-page document had been eagerly anticipated. For the first time concrete facts about the cause of the crash on July 17 should be called in the paper. In fact, the report contains some new and insightful details about the fate of flight MH17. At the same time, however, lacks several details – especially those that might answer the question of the culprits.

The key messages of the report include:

Screenshot/ MH17 Interim Report
Screenshot/ MH17 Interim Report

*The investigators found no evidence of manipulation of the flight recorders, both could be completely read
On the voice recorder no warning signals prior to the crash can be heard, the recorded conversations in the cockpit are not evidence of an emergency (A transcript of the                          conversation does not deliver the report).

*According to radar records to crash time were three other civilian planes in the region, one of them in just about 30 kilometers away

*The damage to the nose section and the cockpit indicate that “the airplane was taken from the outside by a large number of fast flying objects”. Probably these impacts would have       meant that the machine was still unstable and broke apart in the air.

The report itself does not mention a possible origin for the “fast-flying objects.” Would fit the observation well to bombardment with a surface to air missile of the type Buk, which has a so-called fragmentation warhead: This is triggered by a radar proximity fuse, exploded in the immediate vicinity of the aircraft and punctured it. Theoretically conceivable would also discussed, particularly in the social media launch by the cannon of a fighter jet – this option most experts believe, however, for implausible.

Anyway, would the investigators collect and analyze the debris to settle the question of the weapons system used in conclusion. But that was not possible, as the OVV writes. Basis for the analysis of the damage rather be photos, Ukrainian and Malaysian experts would have done on your own from the wreckage.

Additional sources, the authors argue, among other radar tapes of the Ukrainian and Russian air traffic control and satellite images – but only those which only emerged in the days after the crash. Older and possibly insightful recordings by American spy satellites are at least not explicitly mentioned.

MH17-Interim Report:”Additional evidence” for investigators

The remarkable thing about the interim report is also that it is of the possible presence of Ukrainian military jets crash in the region of the question. Such a statement was made ​​in the days after the crash and indicated so that the Ukrainian government could be involved in the shooting down of Russia. The international investigator group, which is responsible for the report, was a member of at least one Russian official. Preliminary versions of the paper were distributed according OVV in advance by the authors and discussed.

OVV chief Tjibbe Joustra announced further investigations to identify the “external cause” of the crash in more detail. “We believe that in the future, additional evidence will be available.” The interim report will deliver only the first results of the current investigation; A final report should be published within a year.

Meanwhile, described the Russian aviation official interim report as of little significance. “Unfortunately a lot of time has passed – it will be difficult to determine all causes,” expert Oleg Stortschewoj said the agency Interfax. So the wreckage were possibly drawn into the battle zone affected. “The report is just the beginning of a lengthy work. Objective investigation must continue.”

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak welcomed the publication of the report. Whose results would indicate “that a surface to air missile hit MH17 flight”. Further studies are necessary in order to be completely safe. To this end, he called in a written statement unrestricted access to the crash site. It is extremely important, “complete the investigation and to ascertain the truth.”

According to the separatists in turn, the report stressed the government in Kiev. “It is obvious that it was a provocation Ukrainian army to discredit Russia and the people’s militia,” separatist leader Miroslaw Rudenko said, according to Interfax. “There are many contradictions in the Ukrainian version, and the report only confirmed this.” Similarly, separatist leader Alexander Sachartschenko expressed. “We do not have the technology to shoot down such an aircraft,” he said.

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