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Signals from 4500 meters depth had the specialists made ​​hope: The search for the black box of the missing Boeing seemed successful, a submarine should be used. Now the team reports a setback.

In the search for the missing Boeing in the Indian Ocean, it is the occupation of the Australian special ship “Ocean Shield” not yet succeeded in identifying previously registered ultrasound signals again. That said the coordinator of the international search, Angus Houston, in the daily press conference in Perth

The possibly originating from the flight recorder of the machine sounds could be crucial for the progress of the insert. Only when we have once again received a signal, an autonomously controlling mini-submarine will put into the water, Houston said. With this special appliance is to be sought in the depth by debris.

Here, time is running out: The battery of the black box transmitter is designed for a term of at least 30 days. The Boeing Malaysia Airlines has gone missing on Tuesday to the day for a month. Should stop sending the flight recorders, which would complicate the search for the wreck immense. “Sometimes, however, the batteries should last for weeks beyond the end of their minimum run period,” said Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss. “We hope that it will be in this case as well.” Until one is entirely sure that the flight recorders have no power, you will search for the signal, said operations manager Houston.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:”Most promising track”

The weekend had the ” Ocean Shield ” a drag probe , the so-called Towed Pinger Locator (TPL) , registered twice acoustic signals that match those of a black-box transmitter. Houston himself had spoken of a “highly promising track “, ” probably the best information search since the beginning .” The first contact was demolished after two and a half hours, then the ” Ocean Shield ” have turned and the acoustic signs for further 13 minutes registered. ” Pinger two echoes were clearly audible on this occasion . ”

However, Houston had already warned on Monday that one must wait for confirmation of whether the origin of the signals are actually the black box of missing , Boeing, 777-200 . This could take several days. As it now turns out , re- tracing the ultrasonic sounds is a problem alone. This step is crucial , according to Houston , however , to further narrow the search area.

So it did not make sense , already use the special unmanned submarine that has the ” Ocean Shield ” on board. Houston said it would take ” many, many days ” until this autonomously controlled watercraft have searched those regions which come as a source of ultrasonic sounds in question. ” It would be crawling on the ocean floor ,” he said. “That would take a very , very long time. ”

Similarly, the “Ocean Shield” would support no other ships sent to the search region in order to avoid noise in the water, Houston added. There had been in the past, incorrect measurements, in which the sounds of other vessels were registered.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing:Measurement at 33.3 kilohertz

Flight recorders have a station that is a recurring ultrasonic sound at the frequency of 37.5 kilohertz radiates when in contact with salt water. According to the U.S. Navy of “Ocean Shield” signals were recorded at 33.3 kilohertz. However, this deviation is conceivable according to the manufacturer, Houston said. Thus, the frequency will probably influenced by high water pressure or the age of the batteries. The black box of the crashed over the Atlantic in 2009 Air France plane had sent about 34 kilohertz.

The Towed Pinger Locator is drawn from the ” Ocean Shield ” in a water depth of approximately three kilometers through the ocean. He can locate black box signals from a distance of 1.8 kilometers . The sea is about 4.5 kilometers deep in the search region .

At the same time the search is running for the lost aircraft and on the surface of the water at full speed . According to Houston on Tuesday , 14 aircraft , 14 ships and three helicopters in use . Australia’s Defence Minister David Johnston praised the international cooperation in the search , but described the application as ” Herculean task .” It was a very , very large search area, and the water was extremely low.

The Boeing 777-200 of Malaysia Airlines as flight MH370 was on 8 March after the launch in Kuala Lumpur disappeared from the radar screen . On board were 239 people . The investigators believe that the aircraft for unknown reasons changed course and thousands of miles further south crashed into the sea .

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