Pakistan informs Malaysia no trace of missing plane found in country

A woman reads messages and extends well wishes to passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing.  File pic
A woman reads messages and extends well wishes to passengers onboard Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing. File pic

After India, Malaysia Pakistani Authorities have informed that no traces were found of the missing Malaysian plane in the country’s airspace.

Islamabad, March 19/Nationalturk – The Pakistani Authorities have informed Malaysia that no traces were found of the missing plane in Malaysian airspace of the country.

“Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak phoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday and sought Pakistan’s help in finding flight MH370, which went missing on March 8 with 239 people on board,” Special Assistant to PM on Aviation Capt (retd) Shujaat Azim was quoted as saying by Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune.

He said PM informed that the flight would have feelings counterpart to first cross the Indian airspace before entering Pakistani airspace and radar on either side had no information about the missing plane.

Azimi said Malaysian premier Nawaz urged to direct feeling of the country’s maritime and aviation agencies to scour all radar and satellite data that may help in finding the missing plane.

Malyasian Pakistan to join the PM appealed give this search by thoroughly scanning its contiguous territorial and international waters in the Arabian Sea as far as possible.

‘PAF aircraft moves into action whenever our airspace illegally Enters’

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Tasneem Aslam said yesterday that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) moves into action whenever any aircraft illegally Enters the country’s airspace.

“Pakistan’s radar network that Malaysia had no information about the missing plane,” she said, adding Pakistan was ready to share any information on the missing plane if it bec it available.

Pervaiz Rashid said Pakistan’s Information Minister of Pakistan’s air traffic control system data is available and no unusual activity was Witnessed by the air traffic control system.

“It was not a balloon which someone can put in your pocket and disappear with feeling. It is a big plane with 239 passengers onboard, “he said, adding there were only four airports in the country where such a large aircraft could have landed.

There were media reports that Malaysian Authorities were seeking a diplomatic investigator permission to a theory that the plane could have flown to Afghanistan and North West Pakistan patchy. ‘

26 countries hunter plane involved in.

Indian toon Authorities have ruled out the theory that the missing flight could have crossed the Indian airspace while evading its radar network.

The investigation into the fate of the Boeing 777 has deliberately focused on findings likely it was diverted from its flight path to Beijing, probably by someone in the cockpit with advanced aviation skills.

Twenty-six countries are now involved in. the hunt which covers a vast arc of land and sea, in a northern corridor over south and central Asia, and a southern corridor stretching deep into the southern Indian Ocean towards Australia.

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