Munich Airport Runway Closed

Climate activists from the group "Last Generation" stuck themselves on a runway at Munich Airport.

One runway had to be temporarily closed. There is also said to have been an action at BER.

Several activists from the “Last Generation” protest movement stuck themselves on a runway at Munich Airport. As a result, the northern of the two runways had to be closed for about 45 minutes. Task forces from the federal and state police are on site and have already resolved the action, it said.

The spokesman for Munich Airport told that there were no major restrictions on air traffic as a result of the action. Affected machines could therefore switch to the southern runway. Therefore, there were only minor delays, no flights were canceled.

Activists also tried to get onto the site in the south of the airport. But they were stopped by the police here.

Activists report further action at BER

As the group “Last Generation” announced on their Twitter account, there should also be an action at Berlin’s capital airport BER.

At the request of, the spokesman for BER, Jan-Peter Haack, said that several people had entered the security area at the airport without authorization. However, Haack did not confirm that these were members of “Last Generation”. A police operation is ongoing and several people have been “arrested”. The incident has no impact on air traffic, as no runways are affected.

At the end of November, activists paralyzed operations at Berlin’s BER for almost two hours. At that time, two groups gained access to the airport area and partially stuck themselves to the ground.

Roadblocks and mashed potatoes on Monet

The group “Last Generation” has been causing a stir for weeks with controversial actions. In addition to the action at BER, members of the group blocked main roads in Berlin and Munich.

The activists also made headlines by smearing paint on the offices of the Ampel parties in Berlin or throwing mashed potatoes on a Monet painting in Potsdam’s Barberini Museum. Several activists have already been arrested as a result of the actions.

Fire at Munich Airport: Flight operations disrupted

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