Fire at Munich Airport: Flight operations disrupted

A farm with a biogas plant caught fire near Munich Airport. / Fire at Munich Airport

Dense smoke causes disruptions. Flight operations at Munich Airport were affected on Thursday afternoon. / Fire at Munich Airport

The approach to the northern runway was blocked. Machines have only been allowed to land on the southern runway since around 12 p.m., which in turn is currently closed for takeoffs.

A spokesman for the airport told t-online on Thursday afternoon. The reason is a fire on a farm north of the airport.

The police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North announced via Twitter that there was a fire on a property in the Eggertshofen district of Freising. There is a lot of smoke. Residents should keep windows and doors closed.

Munich Airport: Delays for passengers possible

According to the police, the fire broke out around 11:40 a.m. in the barn of the property, which also houses a biogas plant. According to initial findings, no people were injured, but an injured cow had to be killed.

How big the impact on passengers at Munich Airport will be cannot be foreseen at the moment, said the airport spokesman at noon. Delays are possible.

Both the north and south runways normally handle takeoffs and landings. In July, Munich Airport recorded around 3.3 million passengers. After Frankfurt, Munich is the second largest German airport, ahead of Berlin’s capital city airport BER.

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