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Nuri Sahin joins Arsenal from Real Madrid on loan, becomes teammate with adversary Podolski

Nuri Sahin Lukas Podolski : Friends or foes at Arsenal ?
Nuri Sahin Lukas Podolski : Friends or foes at Arsenal ?

Nuri Sahin, the Turkish starlet footballer, who failed to impress at Real Madrid signs on loan with Arsenal. Nuri Sahin and Lukas Podolski, who had a fierce quarrel at Bundesliga 2 years ago will be playing for the same team!

London / NationalTurk – Real Madrid’s Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin signed on to Arsenal on 1 year loan, upon mutual agreement reached by Real Madrid manager Jose ‘the special one’ Mourinho and Arsene ‘ the French colonialist who sucks the blood of Arsenal over a decade ‘ Wenger.

Nuri Sahin Transfer saga ended today as the Ral Madrid and Turkish National team midfielder signed for Arsenal for the upcoming 2012-2013 season. Nuri Sahin will play for the Gunners at Premeier League, managed by French coach Arsene Wenger, whose credit among Arsenal fans fades quickly.

Hello Arsene, i am a Turk not French, what about that ?
Hello Arsene, i am a Turk not French, what about that ?

Nuri Sahin : Arsenal signing opens new chapter for Turkish star downgraded to starlet status

Arsene Wenger has led Arsena to 8 seasons without a single trophy, his signings of players of French origins, with the likes of Giroud and Chamakh, upset Arsenal fans profoundly with every passing transfer season.

Twenty-three year old Nuri Sahin had spent the last season at Spanish champions Real Madrid mostly on the bench, having made only 4 appearances for the Spanish giants. Nuri Sahin’s transfer to Arsenal can mean for humbled Arsenal fans that there might be still light at the end of tunnel, after many star players escape the sinking ship of Arsenal captained by Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal gets its Nuri Sahin wish after 7 seasons

Arsenal had previously attempted to sign on Nuri Şahin when he was 17 while he was playing for Borussia Dortmund at Bundesliga.

Nuri Sahin transfer to Arsenal will also trigger an intiguing story. A story whose pratogonists are no other than new Arsenal signings this season, Nuri Sahin and Lukas Padolski.

Nuri Sahin Lukas Podolski : Friends or foes at Arsenal ?

At Bundesliga two seasons ago, Nuri Sahin and Lukas Podolski confronted each other at a Dortmund Köln game in a most aggressive fashion.

It all started when Germany beat Turkey 3-1 in Istanbul at WorldCup 2012 qualifiers. At Dortmund vs Köln Bundesliga match Podolski scored for Köln then rubbed it into Sahin’s face by showing three with his fingers indicating the number of goals Germany scored against Turkey.

Watch Nuri Sahin lectures Podolski on how to rub it into someone’s face correctly Click for the video here

But Nuri Sahin got the last words on that faithful day. He scored a last minute winner for Dortmund, then showed the unbred Podolski how it is done. He figuratively came on Podolski’s smug face that day.

Now the question is whether the Germany raised duo can put aside any past differences in order for Arsenal to reap the benefits of their partnership and to overcome an obstacle named Arsene Wenger.

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  1. t’s not what it was but it is what it is Arsenal Football ClubAnd my love for that club out weighs any owner, meganar, player or fan my love is for Arsenal 1886, Victoria Concordia Crescit. NEVER forgetting that green patch of grass I saw as a seven year old when reaching the top of the North Bank steps!It’s not the same club but it is the same club. It’s red and white, it’s the Gunners, it’s the heritage, the class the THE. I won’t let no foreign mercenary upset me because I love this club no matter it’s guise it’s like my brother, my dad, my uncle, my kids .you hate them sometimes, they piss you off, the let you down, they say bad things, but you still love them .you still do what you can to see them, you even spend money on them .I’d rather be an Arsenal fan than any other fan Now these three young men have come to Arsenal and bring to the table class, guile, skill, goals and most of all plan A and Plan B.Giroud to me is a real gem that will be polished and will reap a hatful of goals. I like the 45 minutes he produced in Cologne. It suggests to me that his aerial power will be far more explosive than that of Chamakh and Bendtner. Albeit one chance that the keeper tipped over on Sunday, his ability to get his head on crosses is one I haven’t seen for sometime. In fact I’d go as far to say he reminds me of Alan Smith. If he can be half the player Smudger was then I feel we have made a very significant signing.Also remember he is a winner something our changing room now lacks totally.Santiago Cazorla is a fantastic player. I have watched Spanish football extensively over the lat couple of years and I can assure any doubters that this lad is the bollocks. He has the ability to lock defences with precision and I firmly believe he will bring to the table the assists ratio both Fabregas and van Persie attributed.Also ..he is a winner.Podolski well I think people many people on here underestimate this guy. You don’t lead a German attack one hundred times and be useless. I have always rated this lad and I truly feel that he is ideal for us. I think RVP will be long forgotten when we sing He scores what he wants Lukas Poldolski scores when he wants.Also .He is a goal scoring machine and we will see as many goals from him as we did RVP. I will even hasten to say welcome to our next one hundred goals for the club player.What am I trying to say is this. We are all sore and annoyed by this latest transfer fiasco and we all know that in our hearts RVP left because he felt that his chances of winning things were best suited at OT. BUT ..I feel he has made a very big error.Here is to a season that may surprise many. Stay safe on your trips to other grounds. Sing your hearts out for the name on the shirt that is ArsenalAnd remember .fuck em all 51 2

  2. Umm this pick is girouds picture withe sahins name and face photoshopped on And whats going on. I’m confused he hasn’t signed yet
    Liverpool are rubbish arsenal have champions league and the worlds best training grounds

  3. Not true, I signed with arsenal -who would want to go to those Liverpool no hopers, seriously! Lookin forward to meetin the rest of the boys and playing skote this weekend. Thanks to all my fans. Salam aleichem!

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