Pakistan police ‘foils’ militant plan to attack airport, airforce base

Pakistan security men on international airport. File Pic
Pakistan security men on international airport. File Pic

The Pakistan security forces have reportedly averted a major tragedy by foiling a plan by militants to attack international airport and Pakistan Air Force’s Chakla base on Thursday.

Islamabad, Aug 1/Nationalturk –  The Pakistan security forces have reportedly foiled a plan by militants to attack international airport and Pakistan Air Force’s Chakla base on Thursday.

According to Pakistan newspaper, Express Tribune, about 18 militants dressed in police uniforms arrived at the Benazir Bhutto airport at Chakala, Rawalpindi in three high-roof cars in the early hours today.   The Pakistan Air Force’s Chakla base is close to the airport.

“The cars were having sirens and revolving lights and an impression was being given that the cars belonged to police,” the newspaper quoted sources as saying.

They said militants tried to enter the airport by telling the security guards that they have been send by DIG. “However, the security guards did not let them in as they said they had received no information about arrival of more policemen”.

“The Airport Security Force (ASF) officials checked with police officials whether extra men have been rushed to the airport by DIG. However, they were told that the police official was sleeping at his residence and has not ordered anything like that,” sources said.

‘Militants had wireless technology’

Sources further said it appears that militants had wireless technology and intercepted and listened communications between the ASF and police officials. “Within no time, ASF officials were told that DIG had not sent additional men to airport, the militants boarded their vehicle and sped away”.

Sources said police and paramilitary forces have launched a massive combing operation in and around the airport to flush out the escaping militants.  “They said since the runway is shared by both the airport and Pakistan’s Air Force’s Chakla base, it would have been easy for the militants to cross into the Chaklala Air Base”.

The authorities have already sounded high alert on international airport and Chakla air base in view of militant threat. The security in airport and Chakla airbase has been further beefed up and elite police and army commandos have been deployed to thwart any militant attack.

Coward policemen hid in sewers when militant attacked prison: Minister

The revenue minister of restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan Ali Amin Khan Gandapur has alleged that Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak by militants was an act of cowardice on part of local police.

“Police officers and constables had hidden in sewer lines when militants attacked the Dera Ismail Khan central prison on Monday. Our head hangs in shame,” Ali told reporters.

He said almost all police officers and constable in the jail with the exception of a few had disappeared at the time of the jail attack and there was no one to defend the premises.

“The militants succeeded in carrying out attack without resistance for more than 45 minutes due to cowardice on part of police. The main gate of the prison had been built by the British and it was not something that could have been blown up. The irony is that our own officials opened the gate to militants to welcome them. The entire force had disappeared instead of confronting militants,” the minister said.

He said instead of laying down their lives to protect the honour and property of the people, senior police officers and men hid themselves in sewer lines.

The minister said those found guilty of dereliction of duty and negligence over the jailbreak would be dealt with strictly.

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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk Pakistan News

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