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Kristen Stewart’s Outburst:The paparazzo as excrement / Showbiz News

Kristen Stewart

Sometimes celebrities must rely on social distinction. If, for example, believes an annoying photographer, to be allowed to breathe the same air as the star. There is only one: Swear until the car comes.

Since they had already chosen the back door. Obviously annoyed difficult to “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart was in Los Angeles when she drew a paparazzo on the fur. The gossip site “TMZ” showed about 25 seconds long video in which the 23-year-old photographer considering the little glamor with a lot of swear words.

Warum Stewart ihn denn so unfreundlich auffordere, sich zu verziehen, fragte der Mann scheinheilig. “Weil Sie ein Stück Scheiße sind und es nicht verdienen, dieselbe Luft zu atmen wie ich”, rief diese erbost, während sie sich hinter einem tannengrünen Paravent direkt neben einer Mülltonne vor der Kamera versteckte.

“Are you and Robert Pattinson a couple again?” asked the paparazzo unmoved and negotiated a just another verbal derailment. At this point, an assistant to the actress quickly opened the car door, so that Stewart could take and drive away in the passenger seat.

Stewart and Pattinson were together for several years, but broke up after an affair Stewart had become public. The California native is known for her bad relationship with photographers. Intrusive Rapporteur bring them quickly up the wall. In early July, she had insulted in Paris photographers as rats, cockroaches and parasites.

Stewart’s verbal rowdiness may have contributed to the readers of “Star Magazine” she recently Kürten one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood. According to a survey in the UK it is even as unattractive woman among the celebrities. Your income does not hurt all that: Just Stewart was from the U.S. business magazine “Forbes” placed at number three of the highest paid women in Hollywood.

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