Thawing permafrost triggered a landslide on the Flüchthorn

The Tyrolean state geology examined the demolition point at the Flühhorn in the Silvretta group.

Measurements should provide information about the exact amount of demolition material. The trail from the Jamtalhütte is already closed on a large scale – further closures are being checked on the basis of the knowledge gained. According to state geology experts, rising permafrost is the cause. The demolition point is in the high areas, more than nine kilometers as the crow flies from Galtür.

GALTUR. After a rockfall yesterday, Sunday afternoon (June 11), in the area of the almost 3,400 meter high “Fluchthorn” in the Silvretta area (Galtür municipality), an exploratory flight with the state geology took place today, Monday (June 12). The demolition point in the high mountains is about nine kilometers south of Galtür as the crow flies

More than 100,000 cubic meters of material demolished
According to the first findings of the state geology as a result of the reconnaissance flight, there is at least more than 100,000 cubic meters of material that broke off at 3:05 p.m. yesterday. It is not yet possible to give an exact indication of the amount of demolition material – measurements will subsequently be initiated that will allow detailed information to be given. The affected trail is already largely closed from the Jamtalhütte. Other possible closures or possible relocations will be checked on the basis of the knowledge gained.

Thawing permafrost identified as the cause

The rockslide and the mudslide it triggered are likely to have reached a length of around two kilometers. The experts from the state geology localize the cause of the rockfall in the rising permafrost in the high mountains – in the course of the reconnaissance flight the experts found exposed ice surfaces. According to experts, further rock falls in this high alpine area cannot be ruled out.

According to the alpine police, no one was injured in the rock fall.

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