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Protests against Israel continues around the world

Protests are continuing over the deadly raid by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on the Aid Flotilla travelling to Gaza as demonstrator’s rush to the streets all over the world.

Video protests in front of the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul Turkey

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Tension was dimming around the world after the Israeli government agreed to release the prisoners from the Aid ships.

Protestor in front of the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul holding a placard writing Open Water Pirates Israel
Protestor in front of the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul holding a placard writing Open Water Pirates Israel

There have so far been a reported nine deaths most of which are Turkish citizens but the Israeli forces going on the aid ship via helicopters with fully armed masked commandos has been condemned widely.

Protests in the United States, Indonesia, Belgium, Austria, Malaysia, Egypt, Iraq, France, Bosnia, Herzegovina, England, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Syria, Switzerland and Australia were reported.

The United States saw dozens of outraged protesters gathered in front of the White House chanting slogans such as “Stop Israeli piracy!” and “End the siege in Gaza now”. In New York’s Times Square a reported 7000 protestors gathered to condemn Israel’s actions.

Dozens of people gathered outside the Foreign Ministry in Cairo angered with the Egyptian governments blockade on the Gaza strip holding images of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In Paris, France, a reported 2000 people who gathered near the Israeli embassy had to be controlled by riot police after stones and missiles were thrown. The angered protesters were holding banners which wrote “terrorist Israel” and “Long live free Palestine”.

The Egyptian government has since temporarily opened its borders after the outcry of many Arab country’s criticizing Egypt’s stance on the crisis.

Violence also occurred in Athens, Greece, which is one of the front running nations in the aid Flotilla, after stun grenades and tear gas was used by riot police to around 3000 angered protestors. The protestors were made up of Greek’s and Greek Arabs.

Orthodox Jews in Ottawa, Canada demonstrate against Israel’s attacks.
Orthodox Jews in Ottawa, Canada demonstrate against Israel’s attacks.

Greece was one of the first country’s to condemn the raid on the Flotilla by the Israeli forces by calling the Greek ambassador for Israel in protest.

The Netherlands saw huge protests which were largely peaceful after Jewish, Arab and Turkish organized groups rallied in important landmarks around the country shouting and chanting pro-Palestinian and anti Israeli slogans.

Close to a thousand protestors in Australia stood in a minutes silence to remembrance of the victims of the deadly attacks on the Flotilla.

Protestors in Turkey for the second day running closed the road in front of the Israeli Embassy in Istanbul chanting anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian and Islamic slogans.

The protests were largely peaceful in Istanbul where protests carried on till midnight. Tempers flared in Aydin when organizers belonging to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Turkey’s far-right nationalist Party were protested against when they tried to protest the deaths of the six soldiers that died in the PKK attack on Monday.

Meanwhile Israel has agreed to deport the activists who were detained on the Flotilla after mounting International pressure.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on Monday referred to the deaths on the Flotilla as a “Bloody massacre” and “unacceptable lawlessness,” in an historic speech at the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) Group meeting.

The Turkish Prime Minister has also spoken with President Obama on an hour long telephone call saying “Israel is faced with the danger of losing its sole friend in the region and the greatest contributor so far to regional peace,”.

Erdoğan also called for calm in Turkey on Monday’s speech and that any attacks on Jewish citizens will be unacceptable.

Erdoğan said on Monday speech to the AKP members “Our protests are not against the Israeli or Jewish people, it is against Israel’s current government.”

There were a few Israeli news agencies that criticized the IDF’s actions on the aid Flotilla with one newspaper calling the operation a “major blunder”. However the majority of the press sided with the government and the IDF.

Protests are expected to carry on until the weekend in many countries. Police and government officials are urging protesters for calm.

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