Rise in dengue cases in India, 247 die in 2012

Dengue cases increased in India.
Dengue cases increased in India.

In what could not be a good news, the dengue cases in India have witnessed an increase and about 247 died of the deadly fever in 2012.

New Delhi, Feb 26/Nationalturk – There has been a rise in dengue cases in India and about 247 died of the deadly fever in 2012.

As per the data available, the number of cases and deaths due to dengue fever in India were higher in 2012 as compared to 2011.

It said in 2011, 18860 dengue cases were detected in India. “Of these 169 died of the fever”.

The statistics further revealed that in 2012, 49606 dengue cases were detected across India. “247 died of the fever”.

“The case fatality rate (number of deaths per 100 dengue cases) has shown a marginal decline in 2012 as compared to year 2011,” the statistics revealed.

A health department official said Indian government has taken several steps for prevention and control of dengue in the country.

The government advises and helps the States in tackling vector borne diseases, including dengue, through National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme. “The dengue situation in the country is monitored and reviewed with the States,” the official said.

Field visits carried to assess preparedness

He said the officials carried out field visits to assess the preparedness and to provide technical guidance to the States. “Training is imparted to clinicians on case management as per Indian government guidelines and to other health care functionaries on programme activities”.

“For augmenting diagnostic facilities, the numbers of Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals (SSHs) with laboratory support has been increased from 110 to 347 across India and linked with 14 Apex Referral laboratories with advanced diagnostic facilities for back up support,” the official said.

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Faiz Ahmad / NationalTurk India News

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